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XPression is Ross' industry-leading high end 3D HD Character Generator. This package with the KM-H3000U combines a full version of XPression Designer software. Along with the switcher this creates an exceptionally low cost still graphics solution.

In this implementation, XPression renders still graphics on a laptop or PC running Nvidia Graphics and sends the stills, with alpha, over a network directly into the KM-H3000U Media Store Channels. Stills are typically selected, rendered, transferred, and on air in less than two seconds. XPression Designer has a very user-friendly playlist system that makes bringing the next still to air as easy as pressing the space bar. Skipping elements and random access to elements is fully supported as well.

Because the connection is over a network instead of HD-SDI, inputs on the KM-H3000U are not consumed, and expensive and exotic HD-SDI output cards are not required in the laptop or PC. If there are multiple KM-H3000U systems on the network, XPression can be assigned to send graphics to any of these switchers.

Independent of the XPression Designer Media Store Channels, the KM-H3000U provides a second set of Media Store Channels to play animations, additional stills, or moving backgrounds under the control of the switcher operator. These dual sets of Media Stores used together can create very compelling productions. Alternatively, this second set can also be assigned to XPression creating a full two channel program / pre-view CG still playout system with alpha.

The XPression Designer software can be upgraded at any time to a full system that incorporates real time motion graphics playout over HD-SDI. This system is fully compatible with all of the files and templates created with the stills package using the KM-H3000U Media Store integration. The Ross Crossover software version 2.5 or later is required for support of the RossLink connection and is available as a download for KM-H3000U users.