The DLA-F110 professional 3D projector from JVC delivers remarkable image reproduction, delivering remarkably bright and high resolution images thanks to JVC's exclusive D-ILA technology. It's ideal for a variety of applications in education, government, medical and business--anywhere that superior high quality images are required.


  • 3D enabled (glasses and IR emitter optional)
  • 1920 x 1080 Native Resolution
  • 3 Active Matrix, 0.7" Digital D-ILA Devices
  • 30,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio for deep blacks and critical viewing
  • 1,700 Lumen Brightness for higher ambient light environments
  • Digital Smear Reduction via Black-frame Insertion
  • 1080p60/50 Synchronous Operation
  • SRGB for a wider color space
  • 10-Bit Gamma Correction
  • 7- Axis Color Management System
  • 3000 hour, 220W Ultra High Pressure Lamp for Low Operating Cost
  • User Adjustable Gamma Tracking
  • Powered lens shift and 2X zoom lens
  • Wide-Range Zoom, 1.4 - 2.8:1 Throw Ratio
  • ±80% V Offset, ±34% H Offset
  • Can be installed at any vertical angle (for rear screen or mirror installations)
  • Keystone function
  • Comprehensive LAN/RS232/IR Control Protocol
  • Configuration Save/Restore Capability
  • White cabinet color blends well with professional decor

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