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JVC and Silvus Technologies have combined their best-in-class ProHD and MN-MIMO technologies to produce a next generation wireless camera solution that offers the user benefits far beyond other systems available in the marketplace. 
JVC’s ProHD and 4KCAM streaming camcorders (including model #’s GY-HM650, GY-HM-850, GY-HM890, GY-LS300CHU and GY-HM200U) connect directly via USB to a camera mounted SC3822 MN-MIMO radio, to support professional quality video transmission at up to 12MBps, as well as remote camera control.  The wideband bi-directional capability of the MN-MIMO mesh also enables optional features such as return video and IFB / Intercom. 


The “private mesh video network” can operate in both unlicensed frequency bands and a broadcaster’s own licensed channel frequencies.
Features / Benefits:
  • Highly cost effective with direct USB connection from camera to MN-MIMO radio eliminating the need for any external video encoding
  • Excellent video quality with streaming data rates up to 12MBps per camera
  • Non-Line-of-Sight coverage
  • Coverage area can be extended as needed by use of repeater radios
  • Operation in both licensed (BAS) and unlicensed frequency bands
  • Multiple cameras operational on the same frequency / mesh
  • Bi-directional wideband connectivity to support return video, IFB, tally, camera control / shading / painting and FTP
  • Wireless camera to vehicle for onward relay via MN-MIMO mesh, satellite or bonded cellular systems
  • Wireless camera direct to a traditional fixed site such a tall downtown building or tower located at the news studio
  • Wireless camera to a temporary location with internet access such as a coffee shop or hotel balcony
  • Wireless camera roaming within an extended area covered by a network of mesh radios temporarily set up for event coverage such as parades or protests, sporting events, conventions and other local news events

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check out our white paper.

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