The DLA-VS45NV is a specialized D-ILA projector built for simulation applications. It features a new dedicated IR-LED light engine for stimulated NVG applications. Its native resolution of 4096 x 2160 and 120Hz frame rate make it suitable for demanding simulation installations. The projector also features Digital Smear Reduction with Black Frame Insertion. Its native contrast ratio is greater than 12,000:1.


  • Long life Laser-Phosphor Illumination System with frame encoded dynamic laser control
  • New dedicated IR-LED light engine for stimulated NVG
  • 3 Active Matrix, 0.69" Digital D-ILA Devices
  • 4096x2160 Native Resolution
  • 3000 Lumens (typical) — 2400 Lumens (minimum)
  • Contrast Ratio — >12,000:1 minimum)
  • 12-Bit Color Bit Depth via DisplayPort 1.2a Inputs
  • 6- Axis Color Management System w/12-Bit Gamma Correction
  • Color Gamut — Default Calibration - sRGB / REC. 709 (100%)
  • Improved Digital Smear Reduction w/120Hz Laser Pulse Control
  • Low-Latency Signal Processing
  • 50Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz Synchronous Operation
  • Comprehensive LAN/RS232 Control Protocol
  • 100%>25% Illumination Control (125 steps)
  • Built-in Auto Intensity and Color Calibration for reduced maintenance
  • Frame-Encoded Dynamic Laser Control (FEDLC)
  • Improved IR output/performance for stimulated NVG
  • User Adjustable Gamma Presets
  • Long-life Wiregrid Polarizers and Inorganic Optical Components
  • Fixed and Zoom Lens Options Available
  • Custom Fixed and Adjustable Lens Mount Options Available
  • Flexible Orientation - Unlimited Pitch and Roll
  • 11x11 Matrix, 1/16 pixel Micro-Convergence Control
  • Easy Access Front Panel for Lens/Mount Access
  • USB Configuration Save/Restore capability
  • Motion Compatible for Simulation applications

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