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ScoreHub logo ScoreHub, by Sportzcast, is an interface that makes it incredibly easy to get high quality real-time data from a facility's scoreboard into a JVC sports production camera. It's compatible with virtually any scoreboard found in arenas and stadiums and can even communicate wirelessly with certain scoreboard controllers. ScoreHub generates the score data recognized by JVC's GY-HM250SP and GY-HC500SPC sports production cameras which is then overlaid onto the video. There's never been an easier, most cost effective way to produce live sporting events.

Key features:

  • Sportzcast direct scoreboard interface cable port
  • Internal Sportzcast wireless scoreboard receiver module
  • 2.85" x 1.75" LED touch screen control panel
  • Internal Wi-Fi modem
  • Gigabit LAN port
  • Four USB 3.0 ports (two back panel ports and two front ports)
  • Internal Bluetooth module
  • HDMI output port
  • 3.5mm front headset jack
  • 3.5mm rear speaker/TOSLINK audio jack
  • 19V, 65W AC-DC power brick adapter

Connect to any scoreboard
ScoreHub has the largest scoreboard interface library anywhere. It has the unique ability to receive real-time data from virtually ANY scoreboard make or model. Like its predecessor, the ScoreBot 4000, connects to the facility scoreboard in a variety of ways, depending on the controller's interface. ScoreHub adds the ability to connect wirelessly to certain score controllers.

Touch Screen Controls
Every control is right at your fingertip. A top panel LED touch screen allows you to control ScoreHub easily. Select scoreboard types quickly from a dropdown menu, verify and preview data received from the scoreboard, keypads for connecting to wireless networks & more.

Data Preview
ScoreHub makes it incredibly easy to see your data. Simply select a scoreboard type from the dropdown menu, connect to a scoreboard controller and you can preview your data received instantly. No need to wait to test in your production platform, simply plug in & preview right there.

HDMI output
Create a complete scoreboard graphic right out of the ScoreHub. Using the HDMI output, users can pre-design their own completely custom graphic scoreboards and send them to any monitor via an HDMI cable.

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