IP CAMERA REMOTE CONTROL PANEL (multi-camera version)

MSRP: $5,200.00

The RM-LP250M is a multi-camera IP based remote control panel for up to 3 CONNECTED CAM (GY-HC500 & GY-HC900) models. It features versatile dial control of iris functions and connects using ethernet. (RJ-45)

Main features:

  • IP Remote Control for up to three JVC CONNECTED CAM cameras*
  • Iris control
  • Zoom + focus control (if lens supports it)
  • Master Black control
  • Gain Settings
  • AE Levels
  • Shutter mode and speed
  • WB Mode, WB One Push and WB Paint
  • Detail
  • Tally
  • Character Output Mix
  • Menu and Menu Navigation
  • Super crisp window with large display tiles for settings
  • High-quality encoders with RGB backlight for function identification
  • Camera ID display with OLED technology
  • RGB tally bar
  • Preview button for GPI or control of video router
  • Four-way buttons with OLED legends for dynamic labelling and functionality
  • Pressure and direction sensitive joystick pad
  • Master black knob with dedicated OLED display
  • Encoder wheel with display and LED bar
  • Industry standard form factor (4"/102mm wide)
  • Sits console style on table top or mountable in OB van rack

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