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The SCOREHUB2 enables real-time scoreboard data to be delivered directly from a standard scoreboard controller over a local or cloud-based network connection into JVC's Sports Production camcorders, a PC, or other compatible broadcast equipment.

Functions and Applications:

  • The new web-based control panel provides greater ease of configuration and control over the device.
  • The SCOREHUB2 connects to a typical scoreboard controller output port via the provided interface cable.
  • The provided scoreboard interface cable connects to the ScoreHub 2 via the 9-pin serial interface & secures tightly via the screws. Connect the other end of this cable to one of the spare output ports on the venue scoreboard controller.
  • Connect a standard Cat5/6 cable to the Ethernet port on the ScoreLink and into a network switch or port your PC is connected to (for local connection the PC must be on the same subnet as the device). If connected to an open internet port, the device can distribute real-time data to the cloud.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is native within the ScoreHub 2. Upon initial setup, the ScoreHub 2 emits a Wi-Fi network with a unique SSID to connect and configure via the webpage.
  • Wireless RF-style scoreboard connections are available from certain scoreboard types.

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