Turn your GY-DV5000U or GY-DV5100U 3-CCD Camcorder into a high performance disk based camcorder!

The DR-DV5000 is a dockable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) recorder. Although it functions with all JVC Professional DV camcorders, the DR-DV5000 fully integrates with the GY-DV5000U/5100U, providing extensive status information and playback through the viewfinder and LCD display. The DR-DV5000U records the DV signal onto hot-swappable, HDD enclosures that provide two six-pin IEEE1394 connectors as well as shock and environmental protection to a standard 2.5" compact hard disk.

Now you can create a complete backup of your shots as you are recording them, since the camcorder lets you record onto tape and disk simultaneously. Whichever medium you finally choose to edit on, you'll always have a backup. We call that, "Videoconfidence." Recording this way is also ideal for a television news organization, since reporters can begin editing a story immediately from hard disk, while the DV tape is being archived.

The combination of the GY-DV5000U/5100U and DR-DV5000U provides an astonishing set of production capabilities. The DR-DV5000U has the unique ability to be pre-configured by the user to record in the native file format of most major non-linear editors (NLE), including Avid Express, Final Cut Pro, Canopus, and Matrox. This way, once field shooting is complete, the hard disk can be directly connected to the NLE (via IEEE 1394) making the footage and all metadata instantly available without "digitizing" prior to editing. Unlike other disk recording solutions, there are no intermediate steps between shooting and editing.

  • Docks directly to GY-DV5000U or GY-DV5100U camcorder
  • Camera trigger controls record and pause (w/GY-DV5000U/5100U)
  • Disk status appears in camera viewfinder (w/GY-DV5000U/5100U)
  • Use inexpensive removable IDE drives
  • Compatible with popular DV NLE applications
    (no file transfer, no digitizing, no rendering)
  • LCD status display
  • Retro loop Record (up to 8 seconds)
  • Time Lapse recording
  • Adds only 1.5 lbs to camera weight
  • 8.5 watts
  • Up to 6.5 hours with 80 GB
  • Up to 8 sec of shock / gyroscopic protection
  • Daisy chain up to seven external drives
  • 4-pin XLR power input
  • Two 6-pin IEEE1394 ports

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