Versatile Monitoring and Camera Control Capability
Since the VN-C11U comes with a built-in Web server and viewer/controller software, you can set up a system that can be accessed from any computer anywhere using a standard Web browser* or build a more exclusive system for use on your local network with the included viewer/ controller software. Either way, you'll be able to remotely operate a variety of camera functions and settings.

Viewer/Controller Software
JVC's Viewer/Controller software is fully compatible with conventional V.Networks cameras including the VN-C1U, C2U, C3U, C30U* and VN-A1U. So even if you have a mixed system that includes other V.NETWORKS models, you'll enjoy seamless access and control over all cameras. The latest updates can be downloaded from JVC's website. *JPEG mode only.

Switchable MPEG4/JPEG
In addition to JPEG still images, the VN-C11U features MPEG4, today's most advanced motion picture compression technology. Thanks to MPEG4's superior compression efficiency, high-quality motion images can now be delivered at lower bit rates than ever, so you can easily transfer moving pictures over low-speed networks. Bit rates are selectable from 64Kbps to 2Mbps and image type can be switched as required. This allows you to select the image type and bit rate that are optimal for your network environment or the quality of your communication line.

Multi-Casting Capability
With the VN-C11U, camera monitoring is never restricted to a dedicated system or monitor. Multi-casting capability allows the built-in web server to deliver the same high-quality images to any and all computers on your network. There's virtually no frame rate degradation when the VN-C11U is accessed by multiple clients and network traffic management is easy and efficient.

Pre/Post Alarm Recording
Built-in alarm in/out terminals allow you to connect an infrared sensor or door alarm to automatically trigger alarm recording, while an 8MB memory is available for pre/post alarm image storage.

Motion Detection Function
Add an extra layer of security to your system with this convenient function. The Motion Detection function automatically indicates if any movement occurs in a specified area of the screen. You can specify the detection area and select the sensitivity level. The minimum area size is 8 x 8 pixels.

Monitor Out
With a built-in BNC connector for easy installation such as adjusting focus, iris and field of view.
Other features
  • 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface
  • FTP client function
  • Support NAT/IP masquerade
  • User web page serving
  • Selectable power source--AC 24V or DC 12V