MSRP: $3,350.00
The new DT-V1700CG represents a departure from traditional multi-application monitor design. This digital 17-inch flat-screen monitor packs high-end features and performance into a compact, rack-mountable chassis. Its rear panel has slots for housing up to three plug-in interface cards. Available option modules include: Composite Video & Y/C, Analog Component including RGB/RGBHV, SDI, and HD-SDI, with associated audio support.

Front panel switches and knobs provide quick, easy input selection and image control. The DT-V1700CG combines digital technology with a high brightness, high contrast, true flat CRT to deliver images, which display even the smallest nuances with astonishing clarity. In addition to standard ATSC signals, the DT-V1700CG can display 1080psf 24 used by high-end electronic cinematography cameras. Among true HDTV monitors, this model offers excellent value and is ideally suited for production, electronic cinematography and broadcast applications, including mobile applications, post-production, facility QC and monitoring use--any application where a high quality, small footprint DTV monitor with flexible input/output configurations is desired.

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