MSRP: $1,830.00

The 16 channel color duplex multiplexer shall be a JVC model SW-D8000U or equivalent. The digital multiplexer shall have multiple recording of the images of 16 cameras with a single VCR, switching one to another field by field. The image of each camera shall be captured digitally from each of the video-input channels and then stacked consecutively to form a continuous video signal of time-sliced camera fields. The time slicing of several inputs onto one output is generally known as Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). Time base correction is performed during digital capture and so input camera need not be synchronized. The unit shall provide 1/60 of a second refresh rate for live display. The unit shall feature separated main monitor-A and spot monitor-B outputs. In single monitor operation, the main monitor-A shall be for all multi screen display in both record and playback, and a spot monitor-B for displaying analog full screen picture of normal or alarm camera. The spot monitor-B screen is full-screen live analog output not digitized display. In dual monitor operation, the unit shall support simultaneous multi screen displays of live images on the "main" monitor-A, and playback images on the "spot" monitor-B. The multi-screen shall offer full screen, PIP, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 16 multi-screen in live and playback display (Except 7 & 13 way) by 1024 x 1024 memory array with 8Mb total display memory that allows 720 x484 pixel resolution and minimum 256 levels of Gray scale. The unit shall feature a built-in easy setup and modern style on screen programming menu. The unit shall automatically switch multiple camera images to enable sequential spot monitoring and simultaneous field recording for various High-density / Timelapse recording speed by vext (camera switching input) connection. Also, it shall have a sensor (event) and an alarm record mode. The unit shall support 16 dry contact alarm inputs for activation by external devices. When an alarm is triggered during normal recording, the unit shall provide selected mode of automatic priority control, Interleaved or exclusive mode. The unit shall have an active and motion detection which will operates with alarm recording by 16 x 16 grid programmable activation with 10 levels of sensitivity and recording priority of 2X, 4X, interleaved or none. The unit shall provide digital display on the monitor and also recording of the following information: year, month, day, hour, minute and second, as well as alphanumeric camera location ID up to 12 characters. In addition to monitor display, the date and time shall be recorded on the tape. The unit shall have feature 2X digital zoom, freeze, digital pan and tilt on zoomed image of live and playback. The unit shall have RS-485 networking allowing remote control from external keyboards (optional) using RJ-45 connection. Camera input shall be supplied with automatic input termination and programmable AGC settings. Automatic camera detection shall detect the presence of video and be able to distinguish between color and black and white camera signals. Also, unit shall have a covert camera mode allowing any camera in the system to be recorded but never displayed on the monitor. The unit shall support up to 16 pre-programmable "macro" functions for two key operations of multiple features and programming changes. The unit shall prevent unauthorized tampering through the use of multiple password levels. In addition, unit shall have feature of Video loss detection on all channels, Alarm history log, and simple summer / wintertime change. The rear panel shall have 16 video inputs and looped through outputs, 16 alarm input connections RS-232 interface connection, Composite and S-VHS record output and playback video inputs, Camera switching pulse input, External alarm reset input and 2 alarm outputs. The unit shall have decoding compatibility on playback tapes that was incorporated and recorded by Dedicated Micros, Robot, Calibure and JVC's multiplexer unit. The power source shall be DC 12V power and is supplied with an external AC power supply AC 120V (60Hz). The dimensions shall not exceed 2.6" H x 14.2" W x 13.8" D. The unit shall be UL listed.

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