MSRP: $945.00

The high resolution, 400 TV line 960 hour High-Density / TimeLapse recorder shall be industrial grade, aluminum diecast mechanism, field recorder which shall not be a modified consumer frame recorder. The recorder shall be a JVC model SR-9090U or equivalent. The unit shall feature a 4-video head system, 400 lines of horizontal resolution with VHS tape(high grade), 43dB of signal to noise ratio (color, SP), 1 track of audio with 100Hz to 10kHz and 40dB of signal to noise ratio (SP). The recorder shall have noiseless still picture, field by field advance and reverse mode, and reverse playback. The unit shall have 2 and 6 hour realtime recording and provide 24(30), 48, 72, 120, 168, 240, 480 and 960 hours of high-density/timelapse recording mode with T-120 tape. The recorder shall have recording features of Normal recording, Alarm Recording, Sensor (event) recording, Timer recording, Repeat recording, and Series recording. The recorder shall have 2hr or 6hr realtime recording capability during Alarm and Sensor (event) recording with recording duration time of minimum 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180 seconds of preset times or Tape end or Manual mode. The recorder shall have alarm activation during normal recording, stop mode and power off mode. If an alarm signal is received during normal high-density/timelapse recording, the unit shall automatically switch to alarm recording speed and after duration time, record mode will change to the previously set mode. Also, If an alarm signal is received during stop or power off mode for sensor (event) recording, the unit shall automatically switch to selected recording speed and after duration time, record mode will change to the stop mode. The recorder shall have time & date search and index (alarm) search feature which allow the user to easily locate event by time & date or alarmed record information. Alarm input and Power loss data shall allow you to check the date and time of last 8 alarm activation and 4 power loss information by using the on screen display. When the summer time mode is turned on, the time shall advance by 1 hour, and when mode is turned off, time shall return to normal. Additional features shall include: External alarm reset, 8 of daily and weekly timer recording modes. External timer recording, Auto/Manual record check mode, Auto video head cleaning, Auto rewind, 5year backup battery, built-in time and date generator, Mode lock, Built-in LCD display for error warning, Digital usage hour meter, Camera switching output, and Tape end output, Warning output / Recording output, Alarm recording output. The recorder shall have optional wired remote control (RM-G30U) and optional RS-232 interface (SA-K97U) control capability. Also, demo VCR PC control software is available. The power source shall be AC 120V (50/60Hz), 19W power consumption. The dimensions shall not exceed 4-9/16" H x 14-3/16" W x 14-5/8" D with 12.1 lbs of weight. The unit shall be UL listed.