MSRP: $1,150.00


The outdoor pressurized dome camera housing shall be a JVC model HPRVNC-6 or equivalent. The housing shall be specifically designed to accommodate JVC’s cameras. The housing shall be capable of withstanding a total of 7 psi (48.3 Kpa) of nitrogen gas injected through a Schraeder valve located on top machined aluminum plate. A pressure relief valve located across from the Schraeder valve will provide an escape for pressure exceeding 5 psi (34.5 Kpa). Two (2) o-ring seals shall be included, 0.136"(3.5mm) x 9.25"(335mm) (inner diameter) and 0.136"(3.5mm) x 4.5"(114.3mm) (inner diameter). A 10-pin hermetically sealed connector, located at the top of the pressurized housing shall provide power, video and data functions. The housing shall be constructed of 0.125"(3.2mm) durable engineered plastic, UV with a UL flame rating of 945VA. The lower dome portion shall be constructed of distortion-free cast acrylic (free blown) and be 8.9"(226mm) in diameter. The dome shall be held in place with minimum of (9) fasteners, and a safety cable shall be provided to hold the dome while servicing. Access to the enclosure shall be from below with (9) captive fasteners used to press the dome against a sealing o-ring. A twist-off feature shall allow for the final removal of the dome. The housing shall come standard with pendant mount.

A wall mount bracket, JVC model WMVN-C6, shall be available as an option. The housing shall be powered with 24VAC (60Hz) with a power consumption of 77W. The blower shall draw 1.4W continuous power. The 50W heater shall turn on at 40°F(5°C) and turn off at 60°F(15°C). The housing shall support a temperature range of -50°F(-45°C) to 122°F(50°C).

The unit shall have a weight not to exceed 8 lbs(3.6Kg). (without camera) and dimensions of 13.0"(330mm)H x 11.5"(292mm)W x 11.5"(292mm)D.