Dito El Niņo Despertador: a unique cinema experience with ProHD (PDF, Oct '08)

Nationally Syndicated Show Aqua Kids shoots in HD with JVC's GY-HD110 Cameras (July '08)

"Taming the Bull" --cinematographer Tim Dashwood talks about the making of the fill Bull with ProHD gear. (HighDef magazine, Feb 08)

Filmmaker pushes ProHD to the limit in Thailand jungle (Dec '07)

D.P. Robert Adams travels throughout Africa with his GY-HD110U (Dec. 07)

D.P. Corey Robson on a ProHD Creature Feature (Film & Video, link, 11/07)

12 episode feature The Interior shot in Panama with GY-HD110U (Markee, link, 11/07)

JVC ProHD GY-HD110 is Camera of Choice for PARRODOXX PICTURES

Independent filmmaker Helmut Schleppi shoots Panama series with GY-HD110U (HD Studio link, Aug'07)

Columbia College Hollywood upgrades to JVC ProHD (TV Technology link, Jul '07)

Steadicam Flyer™ and JVC HD101E on the feature film "Maitland" (link, 7/07)

Filmmaker Aravind Ragupathi Produces a Quirky Comedy with GY-HD110U (Digital Cinema Report, link 7/07)

Zoning Media Founder and Filmmaker Aravind Ragupathi Chooses GY-HD110 for HD Feature Film (June 2007)

Director Greg Steiner chooses JVC ProHD for comedy feature "Bumping Off Burt" (Mar 07)

Independent feature Carts shot with ProHD (Mar '07)

Legion Productions uses ProHD for clients in U.S. and abroad (Mar '07)

KOSA-TV in Odessa, TX Purchases JVC ProHD Cameras (Feb 2007)

Oscar winner 'An Inconvenient Truth' shot with JVC's ProHD Camera. Exclusive interview with director Davis Guggenheim (Feb 2007)

Border War documentary shot with Sony F900 and JVC ProHD. (Josh Oakhurst's interview with Kevin Knoblock) (Link 1/07)

DVM Teams Panasonic and JVC Together for Goodyear Racing Spot. (link Jan 07)

Gabriel shot entirely on JVC's ProHD. Picked up worldwide by Sony Pictures (Link Jan 07)

Horror/Thriller Film Havoc Shot in HD with JVC GY-HD110U (Jan '07)

ColorBlind, a 30-minute documentary, shot by student filmmaker Andy Blum

Five Point Productions' Doritos entry "Live the Flavor" Shot with JVC ProHD

The New School purchases GY-HD110's for media studies film (Jan '07)

Carts, a dark comedy feature, shot in ProHD (Nov '06)


Jonathan Young shoots with ProHD & lens adapters (Oct 06)

Reality television show "Simply RV" uses the GY-HD100U (Aug 06)

Director Davis Guggenheim uses JVC GY-HD100U camera on An Inconvenient Truth featuring Al Gore (Link, Aug 06)

A SHOT OF 'ADRENALINE' IN ONE SHOT with GY-HD100U (Post, July '06)

Dutch filmmaker Burnd G.W. Out uses ProHD to shoot Peruvian Andes journey

Bryant Frazer's Film & Video interview with director Davis Guggenheim (Link, June 2006)

Regent University School of Communication uses GY-HD100U

Threshold prepped, written, & cast in 1 week, and produced, edited & delivered in 1 week with GY-HD100U

Hollywood California based Image Line productions uses GY-HD100U as substitute for 35mm film. (May 06)

Shooting 'Temps' in HDV (Film & Video Magazine, Link 3/06)

Mago Films shoots 'Surfing the Menu' with ProHD (link to Broadcast Engineering, 3/06)

VIDEO: co-founder talks about his GY-HD100U camcorder ( link, 2/06)

Brad Driver of Court TV interviewed at Sundance with his GY-HD100U (video link,, 2/06)

Adam Alexander shoots BBC2 documentary Return to Tuscany with GY-HD100U (2/06)

Studio Monthly feature story on filmmaker Andrew Young's expedition to Madagascar with the GY-HD100U (Jan 06)

Dubai wildlife documentary filmmaker uses GY-HD100U with Nikon 35mm lenses (Digital Studio, 1/06, link)

Director Andrew Young Demos HDV-to-35mm Workflow with GY-HD100U [link to Studio Daily article, Nov. 2005)

Pittsburgh Filmmaker John Zeller shoots with GY-HD100U

Scarsdale NY Public Schools uses JVC GY-HD100U

New Australian Film "Reality Check" Shot with JVC's ProHD Camera (link, July 05)

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