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BR-D860 is the Most Affordable Pre-Read Capable VTR Ever with 50Mbps Cost/Performance to Complement DY-70 Camcorder

Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 10-13, 2000) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS

COMPANY is expanding its offerings in its superior 50Mbps D-9 format with the introduction of two new studio editing VTRs the BR-D860 and BR-D560. Both VTRs offer increased functionality and expanded features, giving users the best in high-quality 4:2:2 digital editing.

The BR-D860 editor and BR-D560 player represent a new line of D-9 products. These two new VTRs are designed and based on the superior electronics pioneered in the high-end broadcast-quality BR-D92 and BR-D52 series of D-9 editing recorders.

Digital Pre-Read for Advanced Editing

Digital pre-read, a prized high-end function for most editors, adding powerful layering capabilities to virtually any suite, is now available in the lowest priced VTR in the industry through the BR-D860. JVC built digital pre-read into D-9 when they invented 50Mbps-DV compression. Both new VTRs offer a pre-read function with an expanded window of 5 video lines for even more editing capability.

Superior Picture Resolution

JVC’s component digital D-9 format is widely accepted and acknowledged as a superior system for acquisition, production and post-production. The entire JVC D-9 line up incorporates high-resolution 4:2:2 digital signal processing at 50 Mbps yielding superior results for entry level to broadcast level applications.

The two new decks have two audio channels and improved overall operability. They employ the new "instantaneous-lock" auto-tracking algorithm that JVC originally developed for its top-of the line BR-D92 series. This virtually eliminates tracking errors by auto-calibrating to each tape in its first two seconds of playback. This is a welcome addition in play-to-air situation together with improved and faster machine handling capability. The new machines also employ a Viterbi circuit in order to improve by tenfold D-9 s already unbreakable error correction.

Other functions, such as an internal black signal generator and audio playback, are incorporated in the new BR-D860. Analog video performance is also improved by using a new filtering circuit. A new power supply is employed resulting in very quiet operation.

For those who require serial digital interface, these new VTRs are equipped with slots for the optional SDI interface boards, the SA-D92 for use with the BR-D860 and the SA-D52 for use with the BR-D560. These SDI adaptors provide embedded audio capability as well as an AES/EBU interface. The AES/EBU interface is equipped with a sample rate converter for accepting digital audio signals with diverse sampling schemes. This board also accepts unlocked digital audio from sources that do not lock to video sync. Thus, it is an easy connection to most DAT, CD players, MD recorders and Audio Workstations.

D-9 is not only an extremely high quality format, it is also economical. But cost of ownership on videotape equipment goes beyond mere cost. The head life of D-9 machines in use in broadcast and production studios has been far longer than expected. Most users have reported head life well in excess of 5,000 hours. In some cases, head life in excess of 13,000 hours has been reported with only routine cleaning. Even considering this fact, the new BR-D860 and BR-D560 have an improved dust proof mechanism tolerant of dusty conditions.

The suggested list price for the BR-D860 is $12,000 and the suggested list price for the BR-D560 is $10,000.

Bob Mueller, Executive Vice President for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY said, "Our existing D-9 users consistently report exceptionally low operating costs, extraordinary reliability and record-breaking head-life. But, our confidence in the robust performance of the D-9 format is matched by our pride in JVC’s 24-hour technical hotline. Although most customers will never need it, the D-9 24x7 hotline is a great complement to the D-9 format, and provides our valued customers another layer of confidence in the JVC brand."

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