MSRP: $21,995.00


Adding 1.5:1 Fixed, and 2.9:1-5.6:1 Long-Throw Zoom Lenses
to the 2,000 lumens DLA-20 Series Projector

Wayne, NJ (July 13, 2000) JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY (Wayne, NJ) today announced the introduction of a powerful new duo of D-ILATM projectors--the DLA-M20U and the DLA-L20U. Boasting high resolution (1365 x 1024) and powerful light output of 2000 ANSI lumens combined with a contrast ratio exceeding 350:1, these projectors deliver clear images of video and computer with the clarity, sharpness and detail of JVC's proprietary D-ILA technology. They offer the convenience of the 1.5:1 fixed lens (DLA-M20U) and the 2.9:1 to 5.6:1 long throw zoom lens (DLA-L20U), both with adjustable lens offset.

"These are very welcomed additions to our fixed installation-grade D-ILA projectors," said Masashi Nakamura, Marketing Manager of Visual Systems Division at JVC Professional Products Company. "Having these additional lenses available for our powerful, portable DLA-20 series projector will help us address more diverse needs in the market like boardrooms, training centers, conference and worship facilities."

Both models feature lens shift capability, allowing the operator to vertically shift the projection lens between 30% and 55% to provide a keystone correction and convenience of stacking. The DLA-M20U’s 1.5:1 lens is ideal for replacement of CRT-based projectors, while the DLA-L20U’s long-throw 2.9:1 -- 5.6:1 zoom enables easy adjustment of the screen setting even when projected from a distance. The predecessor, DLA-G20U with a 2:1 -- 3:1 zoom has been a big success in many fixed-installation applications because of its high performance and superb picture quality.

JVC has designed the DLA-M20U and L20U specifically to meet today's increasing demands for compact and easy-to-use projectors with the performance required for advanced applications. Thanks to JVC's unique D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology, the DLA-M20U and L20U provide very high resolution of up to 1,365 x 1,024 pixels without compromising brightness. That extra-high resolution capability allows the DLA-M20U and L20U to accurately project S-XGA (1,280 x 1,024 pixels) images without the scaling or loss of quality of original images. The reflective design of the D-ILA technology allows the use of a powerful Xenon light source in both models which ensures accurate color reproduction as well as provides a light output of 2000 ANSI lumens. The technology's inherent capability to provide an excellent contrast ratio of 350:1 and more promises the highest quality projected images.

In both new models, JVC has taken advantage of many advanced technologies to optimize picture quality. Both DLA-M20U and L20U incorporate JVC's exclusive Adaptive DPC (Digital Pixel Conversion) technology to ensure smooth and natural-looking images regardless of the input signal resolution. In addition, 10-Bit Digital Gamma Correction delivers the accuracy in gray scale and color reproduction. Finally, JVC realizes the importance of ease and flexibility of use, and has designed both new models with user-friendly features like remote control capability, an auto-alignment function for quick adjustment of tracking, phase and position, as well as up-down/left-right inversion, selectable color temperature (High/Mid/Low), a resizing function, and comprehensive on-screen menu. Both projectors are very easy to set up and operate. JVC has equipped it with a pair of PC inputs for seamless integration into pre-installed cabling setups. A wide range of scanning frequencies are provided to enable these high-performance projectors to accommodate most standard input devices with 20 preset and 10 user-programmable source channels for plug & play and versatility.

The DLA-M20U will be available in August at $21,995 and the DLA-L20U will be available in September at $24,995.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about JVC's new products from the Visual Systems Division, call (800) 582-5825; or visit JVC's web site at www.jvc.com/pro.

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