MSRP: $5,500.00
March 21, 1994  (NAB) 


COMPANY introduced another advanced low-light camera, the KY-19U, a 
1/2-inch, 3-CCD video camera that can shoot in available light as 
low as 2 lux using JVC's unique LoLux techonogy.  
     With the KY-19, JVC is offering an affordable camera with high 
resolution and sensitivity, and user-friendly operational features.  
This new, low-light camera achieves a sensitivity of F8.0 at 2,000 
lux, a 62 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 750 lines of horizontal 
resolution to produce clear pictures even when light fades.  It was 
designed with 380,000 pixel CCD's with a microlens over each pixel 
for maximum sensitivity and minimum vertical smear. 
     JVC developed its line of low-light cameras to help meet the 
needs of many types of users, according to David Walton, marketing 
manager.  "The KY-19 shares similar features of JVC's popular KY-
27B.  Each camera fills different gaps in the current market in 
order to provide users on all budgets the ability to create high 
quality pictures,"  he noted. 
     JVC's manager of cameras and teleproduction products, Jerry 
Cohen, pointed out that both the KY-19 and the KY-27B are among the 
few professional cameras offering a combination of Automatic Level 
Control (ALC), an Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) and full-time auto 
white to provide smooth, continuous shooting, regardless of lighting 
     "These automatics are mistakenly viewed as a beginner's tool, 
but they actually offer the only means to capture certain critical 
shots," said Cohen.  "If a subject is moving from a very dark 
hallway into bright lights, the light level and color temperature 
will change drastically.  Without automatic features, too much time 
will be spent to rewhite balance or switch gain settings instead of 
capturing key moments.  A cameraperson needs to be free to explore 
every possibility to produce the most exciting footage." 
     The KY-19 also includes field production accessories, such as a 
low-cost Triax System, which will permit operation up to 5,000 feet.  
Other features include an Advanced Memory System (AMS) to store 
camera settings for various shooting conditions and a 1.5-inch 
viewfinder with 600 lines of resolution that displays audio levels, 
accumulated or remaining recording time and VTR operation.  The KY-
19 will dock directly with JVC's BR-S422U and BR-S420U S-VHS 
recorders.  Optional adapters allow docking with other formats as 
well.  Two cables are available to provide remote control through 
the RS-232C data link (the VC-P891U for IBM compatible and VC-P892U 
for Apple Macintosh computer). 
     JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line 
of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, 
recorders, and editing products.  For more information about the KY-
19U, please contact David Walton at 1-800-JVC-5825. 

                                 # # #