MSRP: $8,450.00

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (NAB April 15-18, 1996) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY continues its leadership position in 3-chip cameras with the introduction of its first NTSC digital signal processing camera, the KY-D29. The KY-D29 is one of the highest sensitivity cameras in the marketplace, achieving an incredible sensitivity of F9 at 2,000 lux, a signal-to-noise ratio of 65 dB, and realizing 800 lines of horizontal resolution. This exceptional sensitivity is made possible by three all-new 760,000 pixel 2/3" interline transfer (IT) CCDs, and new 3-dimensional Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) circuitry. The KY-D29 is truly unique because of its 10-bit digital signal processing, which, combined with the excellent sensitivity, makes this camera ideal for acquisition with today's popular digital formats, especially JVC's revolutionary new D-9. Digital signal processing within the camera provides astonishingly crisp, high-quality images. By "going digital" in the acquisition stage, analog distortions and noise are minimized. The camera is also dockable to any professional analog format, including Betacam SP. JVC developed the KY-D29 low-light digital signal processing camera specifically to meet the needs of broadcasters and video professionals as they enter the digital realm. According to Jerry Cohen, JVC's product marketing manager, "The KY-D29 offers a number of high-performance features previously unavailable in a digital signal processing camera. JVC has been the industry leader in 3-CCD cameras for a number of years now, and the KY-D29 enables us to fill an important emerging market niche with the finest in digital signal processing technology." Following in the footsteps of its highly successful JVC camera predecessors, the KY-D29 incorporates a new exclusive Super LoLux technology, enabling the camera to shoot broadcast-quality images in light as low as 0.5 lux. It was designed with three 760,000 pixel CCDs with a microlens over each pixel for maximum sensitivity and negligible vertical smear. With new circuitry and new CCDs, the KY-D29 achieves a 600% wide dynamic range and 800 lines of resolution. And it offers high light chroma circuit which shows more dynamic range for color reproduction. Because different shooting situations require the camera to be flexible, the KY-D29 offers selectable vertical resolution. In the Standard Mode, the camera produces 380 TV lines of vertical resolution, which is considered typical in the industry. However, in the V-Plus Mode, the camera puts out 420 TV lines of vertical resolution, allowing the cameraperson to increase vertical resolution without sacrificing sensitivity or lag. This is achieved through a new CCD with double the number of vertical pixels together with the JVC exclusive 3 pixel vertical readout method. For flexibility, a special Black Stretch/Black compression circuit is included. And for added convenience and efficiency, the KY-D29 offers special Non-Disturbance Auto White Balance. In this mode, auto white memory can be switched even during camera operation. The camera is also equipped with Full-Time Auto White for continuous compensation of color temperature changes. A choice of two improved easy focusing viewfinders is available with the KY-D29. For broadcasters and other high-end users, JVC offers the new VF-P116 viewfinder, which stands up to the rigors of professional use. The VF-P115 viewfinder is available for industrial users. Both take advantage of JVC's exclusive Accu-Focus video processing circuit, which momentarily decreases depth of field, so that fast, critical focus can be achieved instantly. To assist camera operators in achieving their main objective -- obtaining the best quality footage -- JVC incorporated a number of additional convenience and performance features in the KY-D29. The camera's ergonomic design makes for easy, uncomplicated operation. A built-in time/date and character generator, built-in zebra level selection switch, color temperature and f stop display in the viewfinder, and a "battery remaining" display (for Anton Bauer battery packs with the BR-D40), all add up to superb functionality. "At JVC we develop technologically advanced products that assist broadcasters and video professionals in doing their jobs in the best and most efficient manner," said Cohen. "The KY-D29 camera is an example of JVC making advanced technology that's humanly practical." JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders, monitors, video projectors and editing products. For more information about the KY- D29, or any of JVC's other fine broadcast and professional cameras, please contact David Walton at 1-800-JVC-5825. # # #