MSRP: $2,000.00


New 2-in-1 VTR Merges MiniDV and VHS Formats

Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 10-13, 2000) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, a leading developer of audio/video technology is breaking barriers again with the introduction of the JVC’s revolutionary new SR-VS10 dual format VTR. This one-of-a-kind wonder conveniently and easily allows cross-platform playback of cassettes recorded in either MiniDV and S-VHS/VHS formats.

Meeting the needs of producers and broadcasters alike, JVC’s new 2-in-1 VTR incorporates unique technologies to allow MiniDV camcorder owners a logical and economical method to watch and dub DV footage. Once again, JVC has demonstrated its commitment to its customers and its attention to detail by building a bridge between the world’s two most sought-after formats. This dual-format VTR will save JVC customers time and money in acquisition and post-production --without sacrificing quality. In effect, it gives new life to the ubiquitous ensemble of more than 700 million VHS decks worldwide by harnessing the power of MiniDV – the de facto standard in digital camcorders.

By bringing MiniDV and S-VHS together in a single "box," JVC gives users one-touch viewing and dubbing capabilities, with no cable connections necessary. The SR-VS10 offers an easy and economical way to store high quality DV images in the form of high resolution S-VHS as well as a universal route for distributing material via standard VHS.

JVC’s SR-VS10 is a full-featured VTR with both DV inputs and outputs (IEEE1394 compliant) and S-VHS/VHS inputs and outputs. Other professional-grade features include DV-to-S-VHS Random Assemble Editing, Auto set, Express Programming including Video Plus+ and a host of digital special effects including wipes and fades, chroma, strobe and date/time insert.

Double-Format Deck Is Versatile and Economical

Designed as a double-deck with dedicated loading slots for both MiniDV and S-VHS/VHS cassettes, the SR-VS10 provides more stable tape transport and more versatile remote control operation for robust performance.

For straight dubbing from MiniDV to MiniDV, S-VHS or VHS (or vice versa), the SR-VS10 offers "One-Touch" dubbing, with no cables to connect. For lossless digital dubs, users simply connect the SR-VS10 to a digital video camera or link to a PC via the IEEE1394 interface for advanced applications, including non-linear editing. Professional editing features include DV Insert Editing and Stereo Audio Dubbing (32 kHz mode), S-VHS/VHS Insert Editing with Flying Erase head, Audio Dubbing, 10x Digital Zoom (during DV playback), Gold-plated Front AV Inputs, Retake (S-VHS/VHS), Remote Pause Input and Push Job Plus.

Sounds Good with PCM Digital Audio and Hi-Fi VHS Stereo

When in DV mode, video sounds as good as it looks with JVC’s exclusive PCM Digital Audio. Delivering CD quality audio, the SR-VS10 provides users a choice of two modes (2-channel with 16-bit linear, 48kHz or 4-channel with 12-bit non-linear, 32 kHz), for stereo audio dubbing.

In S-VHS or VHS mode, the SR-VS10 utilizes JVC’s Hi-Fi VHS Stereo to read Dolby Pro Logic signals and yield the maximum audio performance.


Super Functionality with S-VHS Features

JVC’s SR-VS10 offers stunning video quality in S-VHS mode, thanks to JVC’s incorporation of DigiPure technology – a blend of advanced digital image processing technologies perfected by JVC. These exclusive digital technologies maximize Super VHS benefits by reproducing vivid colors most realistically, and offering crisp renditions of image contours. DigiPure technology includes Digital Wide TBC (time base corrector) which digitally removes jitter, Precision 3-D Color circuit for clearer color separation, Digital 3-D YNR.CNR which improves the signal-to-noise over a wider range, and Digital R3 Picture System which applies edge correction to the luminance signal to enhance detail. At the base of these DigiPure technologies is a Digital 3-Dimesional Circuit with 4MB Frame Memory. Together, they maximize the potential of Super VHS, which uses high-band recording to deliver 60% better picture quality than ordinary video.

In addition, the SR-VS10 offers Super VHS ET recording, a breakthrough Expansion Technology that enables Super VHS recording on ordinary VHS tapes as well as the recording and playback of regular VHS – allowing maximum compatibility with pre-recorded VHS software and other manufacturer’s video decks. This enables users to dub MiniDV footage over the VHS and share them with virtually anyone with a VHS VCR.

Cross-Platform Editing Saves Dollars

Utilizing "EasyEdit", producers can take advantage of random assemble editing and digital special effect functions, and can edit cross-platform from DV to S-VHS and VHS. JVC’s exclusive "One-Touch" dubbing allows forward and backward dubbing from DV to S-VHS/VHS. This eliminates the time and expense of transferring materials to house formats, and increases the value and functionality of all the equipment in an editing studio. The result is smooth, seamless video; hassle-free post-production and play-to-air production; and the ability to stretch studio dollars invisibly, increasing the bottom line for production facilities and broadcasters.

JVC’s SR-VS10 allows fast and easy editing in both modes. Using DV Insert Editing and Stereo Audio Dubbing, video professionals can achieve superior visual and audio results, at 32KHZ mode on MiniDV cassettes. In the S-VHS/VHS mode, editors can insert material with Flying Erase Head and Audio Dubbing, also ensuring superior imaging and audio.

Operable by a multi-brand TV/Satellite compatible Jog/Shuttle remote control, the SR-VS10 is the ideal addition to any editing suite.

The SR-VS10 will be available in mid-April with a suggested list price of $2,000.

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