MSRP: $9,200.00
JVC ADDS MULTI-USE, SPECIAL PURPOSE CAMERA TO ITS KY SERIES For a wide variety of special purposes requiring automatic functions and high performance color balance, the Professional Video Communications Division of JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA has introduced the KY-M280. The small, lightweight 3-tube camera is controlled from a remote CCU. Applications include, but are not limited to medical, industrial, image processing, computer graphics, computer animation, film transfer, teleconferencing, surveilance, and robotics. "The new KY-M280 incorporates the same high resolution prism optics and Saticon* pickup tubes found in other KY series cameras," says Juan Martinez, product engineering manager. Small In Size, Big On Performance Although the camera head is only 2.9 lbs.(1.3 kg) and the head size is only 6(W)x9(H)x4(D)" (162x241x89mm), the KY- M280 is no lightweight in terms of performance. An electrical color temperature switch (3200K/6000K) and R/B gain control provide color balancing for a wide range of conditions. Its CCU outputs both NTSC composite color video signals and RGB analog signals. A negative/positive reverse video signal switch, color bar generator and gain boost circuit are also standard. High Resolution Optics For Demanding Applications With its 1/2" Saticon (H9382) pickup tubes, the KY- M280's refined f/1.4 R/G/B prism optical system and +9 dB gain circuit produce horizontal resolution measuring up to 650 lines at center. A 2H vertical contour correction circuit further enhances image clarity. Sensitivity measures f/2.8 at 2,000 lux. Minimum illumination is just 65 lux (6.5 fc) at f/1.4 (+18 dB, video output level 70%). Connecting a monitor such as TM-R14U will provide enhanced clarity. In medical aplications, for example, the KY- M280 can be used in an operating room as a general surgical camera, a color video camera for a surgical microscope, an endoscope, or a biological microscope. A video signal-to-noise ratio of 55 dB complements the KY-M280's high performance and illumination characteristics. Such a figure is posssible because of "cleaner" preamplifier circuitry and improved FETS. Genlock circuitry maintains a stable picture while switching or mixing with other signals locked to the same source. Microprocessor Based Automation For Simplified Operation With the flip of a switch, the eight-bit digital microprocessor based registration circuit provides fast, error- free adjustment of registration shift. The KY-M280 also incor- porates auto-white and auto-black balance circuits. Another automatic feature is matrix masking for improved color reproduction. For pick-up tube protection, the iris closes automatically when power is turned off or color bars are switched on. Accessories For Customization The KY-M280 offers a wide variety of optional accessories to meet the customer's specific needs. These include, motorized zoom lens, 16X zoom lens, surgical microscope adaptors (Nikon and Olympus), and cables in lengths of 65, 130, and 203 ft. (20, 40, and 60m). Standard cable length is 6.6 ft. (40m). For more information regarding the KY-M280, call the Professional Video Communications Division toll-free at 1-800- JVC-5825. *Saticon is a registered mark of Hitachi.

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