MSRP: $3,995.00
November 23, 1988


Wayne, NJ...JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY has introduced the BR-S610U S-VHS recorder/player that features Hi-Fi audio as well as a wide array of features that make it an excellent addition to the editing suite.

The BR-S610U takes full advantage of the outstanding audio and video performance of the S-VHS format. The machine works well as a source machine, and interfaces perfectly in the editing suite with JVC's RM-G810U editing controller and an editing recorder such as the BR-S810U. These components, combined with monitors such as the TM-200SU, provide full-function S-VHS editing capability.

The BR-S610U records in normal monaural mode or in Hi-Fi, and includes Dolby noise reduction circuitry. Frequency response in the Hi-Fi mode is 20 to 20,000 Hz, dynamic range is 90 dB, and wow and flutter is 0.005 percent WRMS. Signal-to-noise ratio is 53 dB.

The BR-S610U includes jog control capability with a smooth, well contoured dial, as well as a complete self-diagnostic system with digital warnings. Convenient test points are located on the front panel for easy adjustment and maintenance of video head output, video output, and audio output.

The BR-S610U also includes SMPTE time-code input/output terminals, SYNC input for external sync or connection to a time-base corrector, dubbing connectors for Y/C signals (Y/C 358), and a composite signal (Y/C 629).

The BR-S610U is built to withstand the rigors of the professional user, and is housed in a die-cast aluminum cabinet. The transport mechanism is built for heavy-duty use and utilizes a direct-drive motor.

For further information concerning the BR-S610U or any of JVC's other S-VHS and MII products for the corporate, production, and broadcast users, please contact Barry Manz, Public Relations Director, at (201) 299-8000.

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