12vDC/24vAC CCD COLOR CAMERA (w/o lens)

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On August 26-28, 1986, at New York ISC Show booth 681, Jacob

Javits Convention Center, JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA will

introduce closed circuit camera Model TK-860 with state-of-

the-art charged couple devices (CCD) for a wide range of

24VAC and 12VDC applications.

"Compact and unobtrusive, these dual-voltage cameras are

highly resistant to shock and vibration, and they are

virtually maintainance free," says Don Thorkelson, JVC's CCTV

Sales Manager.


The TK-860 can be operated on 24VAC for meeting a wide

variety of applications including surveillance of outdoor and

indoor perimeters, retail packaging operations, hospital

patients, casino activities, retail shopping activities, banking

operations, and business meetings. It can also be operated on

12VDC battery for use in mobile surveillance vehicles. The

BR-9000 time lapse recorder is optionally available to complement

TK-860's full range of surveillance capabilities.

Genlock circuitry with H phase and SC phase adjustment is

built into the camera to maintain stable pictures while switching

or mixing with other signals locked to the same source.


The TK-860 features a three-position switch on the rear

panel to allow switching between Indoor, Outdoor, and Auto


With the optional Auto White Balance Sensor Unit (RM-

C100) featuring a special color temperature sensor circuit,

the Auto Mode provides automatic adjustment to suit changing

lighting conditions at the camera site. This is particularly

useful when surveilling outdoor perimeters. It will compensate for

the daily and seasonal changes of available light color

temperature, maintaining consistent color even when the color

temperature of lighting changes.


"Featuring a small, solid state CCD composed of hundreds

of thousands of circuits that convert light energy into

electrical energy, TK-860 provides picture quality that

is clear and detailed, with no trails, color lag or burn,

even under extremely intense light," says Thorkelson.

Because its CCD will not drift out of focus, the TK-860

has an extremely long service life. Geometric distortion is

eliminated, and the camera is capable of producing quality

pictures in a magnetic field. Over 250,000 individual pixels

(510h x 492v) provide 330 horizontal line resolution with a

S/N ratio of 45dB.


TM-9U nine-inch color video monitor for the TK-860 is

the only unit in its price range which is rack mountable.

Thirteen-inch color monitor TM-13U is also available. C-mount

lens capability provides a wide selection of lenses.


Model TK-860 features both top and bottom mounting movable

base plates, making them easy to install on either walls or

ceilings. Auto iris lens connectors allow installation of auto

iris lens connectors to assure proper light adjustment.

The TK-860 will be demonstrated at New York ISC Show

booth 681, Jacob Javits Convention Center, August 26-28, 1986.

For additional information, call the Professional Video

Communications Division toll-free at 1-800-JVC-5825.

# # # Editor's note: A transparency of TK-860 is available on request. rcolo Editor's note: A color transparency of the TK-860 is available upon request.