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September 18, 1987


Wayne, NJ...JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY has introduced the KM-3000U, a post production switcher designed to handle high- quality component video signals. The switcher provides eight Y, R- Y, B-Y component video inputs, two of which can be switched to accept R/G/B signals for a downstream keyer (DSK) input.

The KM-3000U features 23 wipe patterns, hard/soft edges, and borders. Manual or automatic dissolve is possible, with four of the wipe patterns positioned to accomodate this. In auto-transition, the MIX/WIPE, DSK, and FADE timing can be set between 0 and 999 frames using a rotary dial or numeric keypad.

The KM-3000U includes a chroma keyer, luminance keyer, color matte generator, and color bar generator as standard features. Its built- in sync generator conforms to the RS-170A standard.

Program buses and preset/preview buses employ flip-flop operation for smooth scene transitions. Up to 16 panel setups can be stored in memory via the keypad, for greater efficiency in editing. The numeric keypad also allows hue, saturation, luminance, duration, and border width to be kept as stored parameters. Connection to an editor is made through a GPI interface or RS-422 serial interface.

For additional information about the KM-3000U, contact the JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY toll-free at 1-800-JVC-5825.

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