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Las Vegas, NV (NAB 1991)...JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY introduces the KM-E300U, a border generator designed exclusively for use with JVC special effects generators.

The KM-E300U will accept input directly from a camera, or from a VTR, and can be connected to the KM-3000U, KM-1600U, or KM-D600U special effects generators to add borders, shadows, and outline effects to inserted characters. The KM-E300U has two built-in color matte generators--one with luminance, saturation, and hue controls, and the other with a luminance control to allow adjustment of either the edge of the effect or the full video signal. Two widths can be selected for each effect.

A border intensity control produces semi-transparent effect edges when used with the KM-3000U, and slice level and gain of the source can be adjusted. The KM-E300U also allows the operator to adjust the position of the effect relative to the character in eight directions.

The KM-E300U is priced at $2,450 and is available at JVC dealers for June 1991 delivery.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional video equipment including cameras, recorders, duplicators, and editing products, as well as audio systems. For more information about the KM-E300U or any of JVC's professional audio and video products, contact Dave Walton at JVC, 1-800-JVC-5825.


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