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introduces the KY-25U, a three-CCD color video camera that delivers 
700 lines of horizontal resolution, a 60-dB signal-to-noise ratio. 

The KY-25U utilizes high-density, 2/3-in. CCDs with 380,000 pixels 
and an optical system based on spatial-offset technology to produce 
picture quality that is suitable for the latest high-resolution 
video formats, including S-VHS and MII. The KY-25U will dock 
directly with JVC's BR-S410U recorder, and with MII and Betacam 
recorders through an optional adapter. The camera provides 
composite and separate Y/C outputs, as well as a 26-pin connector 
that can be switched between S-VHS, component, and RGB. 

The camera's electronic shutter operates at 1/250, 1/500, as well 
as 1/1000 second for recording fast-moving objects clearly. A two-
channel preamplifier allows stereo sound to be recorded when the 
camera is used with the BR-S410U camcorder. JVC's optional MV-P602 
stereo microphone can be mounted directly on the camera's hot shoe. 

Camera setup is automatic, including adjustment of white and black 
balance, and in addition to preset white balance for 3200 K, the 
KY-25U has non-volatile memories that can store white-balance data 
or two other color temperatures. A four-position filter turret has 
3200 K, 5600 K, 5600 K+1/8 ND, and closed positions. 

In addition, the camera provides the following features: 

The sync signal generator in the KY-25U conforms to the RS-170A 
standard, allowing the camera to be integrated in the broadcast 

A "zebra pattern" generator allows the operator to quickly check 
the video level of the images being recorded. . The camera's self-
diagnostic system provides clear messages in the viewfinder. 

Negative-to-positive image reversal allows film-to-tape transfers. 

A microprocessor-controlled auto-iris circuit. .

A headset terminal with output level control. 

The KY-25U is supported by a wide variety of lenses, including 
zooms from 12:1 to 16:1, RM-P200U remote control, 4-in. viewfinder, 
grips, power adapters, MII and Betacam adapters, and power sources. 

The KY-25U will be available in June.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line of 
broadcast and professional video cameras, recorders, duplicators, 
and editing equipment. 

For more information about the KY-25U or any of the products from 
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, contact Dave Walton at (201) 

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