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                        TIMELAPSE RECORDER:

COMPANY, one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional 
video and electronic equipment, introduced the BR-S925U, a new S-
VHS timelapse recorder that meets the increasingly sophisticated 
requirements of today's security and surveillance systems. 
     To provide the enhanced image quality essential to an advanced 
security installation, the BR-S925 incorporates the high-resolution 
S-VHS recording and playback system for more than 400 lines of 
horizontal resolution.  With this system, the crystal-clear images 
delivered by today's advanced cameras can be recorded with little 
or no degradation and high quality can be maintained even with 
multi-screen monitoring. 
     The BR-S925 utilizes the field mode in recording and playback.  
By making it possible to record two separate images on a single 
frame, this effectively doubles the amount of recordable 
information and ensures clear, sharp reproduction of everything 
from the words and figures on a text screen to the details and 
characteristics of an individual's face.  
     Security functions have been improved with enhanced alarm 
recording and alarm search capabilities.  As soon as an alarm 
signal is input, the pre-selected VHS Standard (SP) or Extended 
Play (EP) continuous record mode is automatically activated for 
uninterrupted real-time recording of the alarm situation.  
Recording time per alarm is selectable from 15, 30, 60, and 180 
seconds to tape end, or for the duration of alarm signal input.  
VISS index codes are automatically recorded on the tape at the 
start of each alarm recording for easy, high-speed retrieval. 
     A complete record of all security incidents is provided by a 
999-event alarm memory and 99-event power-loss memory.  Exact times 
and dates are available for the last three recorded incidents, as 
well as the first one.  Analyzing this data on-screen facilitates 
detection of peak problem periods. 
     The BR-S925 features expanded timelapse recording mode 
flexibility.  For 24-hour, 7-day coverage, JVC has added a 168-hour 
mode.  Maximum timelapse recording is 960 hours (40 days), with 
recording times also selectable from 24, 48, 72, 120, 240, and 480 
hours. Timelapse playback circuitry is also provided.  One-shot 
field recording is possible at user-designated intervals for 
special requirements. 
     Recording flexibility is further enhanced by a 14-day/8-event 
timer that can be used in combination with the timelapse mode to 
provide automatic coverage at specified times on a daily or weekly 
basis.  The recorder can also be preset not to record on specified 
     Other key features of the BR-S925 include an on-screen setup 
menu and mode display, series recording capability with non-
interrupted recording during switchover, recording check function, 
auto head-cleaning mechanism, advanced mode lock system, time/date 
generator with position control and power backup, camera switching 
signal output with selectable intervals, clock calibration 
terminals for multi-VCR clock synchronization, search functions, 
auto-repeat recording and playback, auto-reset recording after 
power failure, front panel cover to protect cassette slot and 
controls from the environment, digital hour meter up to 9,999 
hours, audible warning for alarm recording and tape end, and 
through output of EE input with power off. 
     In addition to meeting the requirements of a wide range of 
surveillance and observation applications, the BR-S925 offers 
several additional features that make it especially suitable for 
large-scale, multi-camera systems.  The BR-S925 incorporates an 
advanced digital memory and digital circuitry to deliver a stable, 
timebase-corrected playback picture, which is particularly useful 
in timelapse playback.  Several digital effects are also provided 
including the world's first quad-screen display.  
     This allows simultaneous display of separate images in the 
quad-screen format,  which is ideal for playback of images recorded 
with a multi-camera surveillance system operating on a sequential 
camera switcher.  The system can accommodate up to 16 cameras and 
no additional frame switchers or quad systems are required.  Other 
features include Digital Skip to view images from a single camera 
successively, and Digital Still to view stored still images in the 
Play or Stop mode.  
     The BR-S925 recorder features an RS-232C 25-pin serial remote 
control connector for direct computer interface in a computer-
controlled system.  This permits easy incorporation into a 
centralized security system and allows for more precise programming 
of timelapse mode switching.  Operation of such features as one-
shot recording is also simplified.  The number of fields per shot 
can be programmed on a computer and automatically adjusted as 
     "The new BR-S925 S-VHS Timelapse Recorder is an excellent way 
to upgrade existing surveillance or observation systems, as well as 
providing the ideal basis for new multi-camera installations," said 
David Walton, JVC's marketing manager. 
distributes a complete line of broadcast, professional and CCTV 
equipment including cameras, recorders, and audio and editing 
products.  For more information about the BR-S925, contact David 
Walton at 1-800-JVC-5825. 

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