MSRP: $5,186.00

ANAHEIM, CA (SIGGRAPH 1993, AUG. 3 - 5) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY recently advanced its high-performance, 3-CCD imaging camera, the KY-F30BU, with two new RS-232C interface cables offering computer control capability. The new cables allow the KY-F30BU, which was designed specifically for image-processing applications, to be plugged directly to a computer. The result: complete computer control of the camera and full image process capabilities. The camera can be interfaced with IBM compatible and Macintosh computers through the VC-P891U and VC-P892U cables, respectively. The VC-P891 has a nine-pin, rectangular D Subminiature Connector and the VC-P892U has an eight-pin, round mini DIN connector. Through the appropriate software, the RS-232C interface cables allow adjustments to such functions as focus, iris, zoom control, gain selection, shutter selection, contour, resolution mode and color balance. JVC's VC-P892U includes the software for the Macintosh computers. For MS-DOS computers, software is available from PRO-COM Systems, based in Pittsburgh, PA. "The KY-F30BU is particularly well suited for sophisticated applications involving high-quality image capture, such as microscopic, teleconferencing, remote and computer graphics," said Jerry Cohen, manager, camera and teleproduction products of JVC. "The amazing beauty of this camera is how easily it can be controlled by a computer through the RS-232C interface--allowing the user to perfect an image." The KY-F30BU produces high quality pictures, necessary for computer imaging. Horizontal resolution of 500 lines can be obtained on each of the red, green and blue (R, G and B) channels through the use of a high-precision F1.4 prism optical system and CCD elements with 330,000 effective pixels. The CCD elements are mounted utilizing co-site rather than the more conventional spatial offset technique used in most production video cameras. This assures that the R, G, and B picture elements are perfectly in line with each other, which optimizes the camera performance for image capture applications. The vertical resolution can be switched, according to the application, between the normal mode and high resolution mode. In the normal mode, it becomes a standard video camera reading out the CCD's two rows at a time. In the high resolution mode, vertical resolution is increased because rows are transferred individually. Other features of the KY-F30BU include a wide range of output connectors, automatic switching between internal sync and external genlock, positive/negative signal selection, LED's to indicate the exposure level, and built-in electronic shutter. JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders, audio and editing products. For more information on the KY-F30BU or JVC's complete line of cameras and VCR's for computer imaging, contact David Walton at JVC, 1-800-JVC-5825. # # #

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