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Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 23-26, 2001) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY introduces the exciting, 42-inch, high-contrast, super bright plasma display panel GD-V4210PZW. JVC’s superior engineering excellence has built on the popular GD-V4200PZW 42-inch plasma display monitor unveiled at INFOCOMM 1999 to develop the GD-V4210PZW for FCC Class A environments. The new, ultra-slim plasma display panel offers distortion-free reproduction in a space-saving unit measuring only 3.5 inches thick (89 mm) with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

JVC’s GD-V4210PZW, suitable for FCC Class A professional environments, uses a full 24-bit RGB driver to deliver extraordinary picture quality. Boasting a 700:1 contrast ratio, it presents an especially sharp, crisp picture for virtually any video and computer application. In addition, the Pixel Shift/White Background Refresh/Color Reverse Modes virtually eliminate image burn.

Ideal for On-Camera Broadcasting

The new GD-V4210PZW can easily be used as part of a live set display (i.e. evening news program, talk show, etc.). The PDP’s color temperature can be set to 3200K so that studio cameras shooting with 3200K filters engaged can reproduce true colors for their viewing audience – no more whites that look "blue". The plasma display panel also features adjustable color temperature from 10,000K to 3000K.

The plasma display panel’s built-in RGB input allows direct computer hook-ups for multimedia presentations. It supports up to XGA (1024 x 768) PC input resolution. It can accept any standard television signal, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM, as well as popular DTV signals, including 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. The unit also offers direct support for W-VHS (1035i). For audio, there are two built-in 8-ohm speakers. Optional external, side-mounted speakers are also offered.

Standard video signals are displayed in a non-interlaced mode to eliminate flicker and provide super clarity. The GD-V4210PZW’s totally flat screen produces no distortion or unevenness in pictures at the corners and edges. Continuous tone and vibrant color is achieved through the use of 256 "grayscale" levels each for red, green and blue color resulting in a display total of 16.77 million different colors.

Because the plasma display panel does not use an electron beam like CRT displays, it offers distortion-free pictures even in environments surrounded by massive electromagnetic fields.

The GD-V4210PZW has an onscreen menu for easy operation, and its I/O connections face down and out for easy access. The plasma display panel can be controlled by an infrared wireless or wired remote control. It also features a built-in RS-232C connection for computer control.

The ultra-slim profile of the plasma display panel permits its use in places where CRT monitors would never fit. In addition, JVC offers a number of mounting options for the GD-V4210PZW. Customers may select from a full-height model with side-mounted speakers; two tabletop stands units, one economy and one full-featured model; two wall-mounted units, one flush and one angled; and one angled ceiling suspension unit.

The GD-V4210PZW is currently available with a Suggested List Price of $9,995.

High-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the Web at JVC’s Media Resource Page:

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