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Versatile Camcorder is Built for Web Streaming or Digital Cinematography

Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 23-26, 2001) -- This NAB, JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is launching its new suite of ProMedia products, engineered specifically for the ever-emerging DV marketplace with the introduction of the JY-VS200 "INDIE" PROFESSIONAL DV camcorder. This revolutionary 680,000-pixel Progressive-scan camera records motion pictures with higher vertical resolution and delivers UXGA-resolution (1600 X 1200) digital stills to meet the demands of today's digital artist or Internet streamer.

Superior Optics Using AIS

To deliver a high-quality, yet economical camcorder for this exciting, emerging marketplace, JVC conformed its cutting-edge pixel-shift technology from its high-resolution cameras to a "Rapid-Image-Shift" (AIS) lens system. The AIS lens system triples the pixel resolution of the camera in addition to delivering a natural-looking digital video with better sensitivity, less aliasing, and picture quality that competes very favorably with entry-level 3-CCD camcorders costing far more. As a result, JVC's JY-VS200 INDIE camcorder delivers remarkably crisp, color-rich pictures.

JVC's proprietary AIS lens system incorporates two multi-coated glass aspherical lenses to virtually eliminate artifacts such as ghosts and flares. For pristine stills, the JY-VS200 INDIE uses a technique called micron-precise image-shift technology, which increases the image data that can be sampled by the 680,000 pixel CCD to 1.9 Megapixels. Two independent optical low-pass filters, one optimized for motion pictures and the other exclusively for stills, ensure the best possible results.

INDIE is a Great Choice for Web Streaming

The JY-VS200 boasts many advantages for digital cinema production and Internet streaming applications. This versatile performer is able to seamlessly link to DV devices or computers via simple, easy-to-use DV links.

JVC's INDIE camcorder uses a 680,000-pixel, progressive scan CCD to record motion pictures with a high vertical resolution, and is well suited for digital cinematographers who require a very high quality image. Moreover, this technology makes the INDIE ideal for digital filmmakers who distribute their content via the Internet, as progressive scan video requires less bandwidth for transmission. This superb camera is also able to deliver high-quality, 1.92 megapixel UXGA (1600 x 1200) digital stills -- the highest still resolution of any DV camcorder.

As a true professional camcorder geared toward Internet distribution and digital video art, the JY-VS200 INDIE features a native 16:9 aspect ratio (switchable to 4:3), time code, and a color bar generator. JVC's new JY-VS200 is also equipped with a "Hot Shoe" that supplies power and information for optional accessories, like video flash, light, and stereo zoom microphone. Additionally, the JY-VS200 INDIE features IEEE 1394 "Firewire" in/out, and USB output.

Ultra-High Resolution UXGA Stills

JVC's new INDIE camcorder offers a built-in digital still camera function based on JVC's proprietary "1.92 Megapixel" pixel-shift technology, to deliver UXGA

resolution (1600 x 1200) still pictures. This outstanding feature makes this camcorder perfectly suited for storyboarding a film, for crime scene photos, for a wedding scrapbook, or an abundance of other uses where high resolution digital still images are required. XGA (1024 x 768 pixel) and VGA (640 x 480 pixel) modes can also be selected.

The JY-VS200 INDIE contains a range of multimedia-ready interfaces, including SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard (16MB MultiMediaCard provided), and an exclusive high-speed printer port that enables the user to print directly from the camera.

JVC's slim and streamlined JY-VS200 INDIE camcorder has the look and feel that professional videographers demand, including a rectangular lens hood. The compact, lightweight camcorder weighs just 1.7 lbs. including cassette, memory card and battery. For the experienced producer, additional professional features include manual focus and digital image stabilization.

2-Channels or 4-Channels of High Quality Audio

For quality digital sound, the JY-VS200 INDIE boasts a PCM digital stereo audio system with a choice of either 2-channel (16-bit linear, 48kHz sampling) or 4-channel (12-bit non-linear, 32kHz sampling) recording.

JVC's product manager, J. Lee Thompson, predicted widespread interest in the JY-VS200 INDIE at NAB 2001, calling the camcorder, "Compelling and affordable for today's digital video artist, web streamers, and event videographers." She added, "The INDIE offers superior image quality and features that are perfectly suited for web streaming, digital cinematography and even fine digital still photography. Everyone, from the novice to the high-end producer, who needs a low-cost back up DV camera can rely on JVC's JY-VS200."

JVC's launch of its ProMedia product line, based around its highly successful PROFESSIONAL DV introduction, is in response to the ever increasing demand for economical, high quality products to produce content for Internet distribution or for the emerging digital artist. By developing a suite of products aimed directly at this rapidly growing segment, JVC is answering the call of its customers for products that are specifically designed and engineered to economically meet these distinct applications.

The JY-VS200 INDIE is currently available at a list price of $2295.00.

Full-length press releases, pricing and high-resolution photos are available on the Web at JVC's Media Resource Page: www.jvc.com/pro/NAB

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