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JVC Introduces A More Refined, Third Generation Dual Deck

WAYNE, NJ (February 4, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the launch of the SR-VS30U, a professional DV and S-VHS dual deck with refined features of its predecessor, the SR-VS20U and sought-after, professional characteristics for post production use.

To improve editing accuracy, the SR-VS30U features TimeCode, including frames that can be displayed on a monitor and recorded as a window burn. Video and Audio Insert editing have been improved and refined. With the improved non-linear editing system connectivity via IEEE 1394, end-users will have complete control over their video productions and improved deck control of their DV source tapes.

The dual deck features DVCam playback (small tapes), One-Touch Dubbing, IEEE 1394 I/O of both DV and S-VHS decks, high quality DV and S-VHS images and JVC's S-VHS ET mode for low-cost, high-resolution images. The SR-VS30U also acts as two independent decks with the ability to playback or record simultaneously on both the DV and S-VHS decks.

Owning the dual deck SR-VS30U lessens complications for the video professional. There is no need to buy two separate decks and nonlinear editing is made effortless with easy to digitize NLEs and simple connection.

Many video professionals are still using high-end cameras as the playback device to transfer footage into a Non-Linear Editing System or VTR. With the low-cost SR-VS30U, the user can save wear on the heads on their camera and use the Dual deck for heavy post-production use.
Video professionals looking for a low-cost, high performance VTR and entry-level professionals with a beginning interest in video are candidates for this professional product.

The SR-VS30 is the Third Generation Dual Deck from JVC Professional. The SR-VS30U gives the end-user the quality and professional features they have come to expect from JVC.

About JVC
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and CCTV professional equipment. For additional information about the SR-VS30U, or any of JVC's products, please contact Deirdre Breakenridge of PFS Marketwyse at 973-812-8883, or visit JVC's Web site at


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