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Sister Design For 17-Inch Model Incorporated in 19-Inch DT-V1900CG

WAYNE, NJ (March 21, 2002) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the introduction of a high definition, multi-format 19-inch monitor (18-inch viewable), the DT-V1900CG, which features super connectivity options to provide the greatest flexibility in any studio application. The DT-V1900CG will be unveiled at NAB 2002.

With natural flat CRT, the DT-V1900CG stands apart from other monitors because it contains three slot ports for video acceptance of wide variety of high and standard definition input signals. Available optional modules include Composite, Y/C, Component (SD, DTV and HDTV), RGB, SDI and HD-SDI. The horizontal resolution delivers more than 800 TV lines for well-defined pictures. Users can select between the standard 4:3 or wide16:9 aspect ratio.

The DT-V1900CG utilizes a high voltage/deflection separation circuit, constant current feedback for anti-blooming and multi-format video capability. Basic features are: area and center markers, underscan, pulse cross, blue check/color off, manual degaussing and GPI/RS-232C in/out remote control.

Offering a high definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) input and active through output connectors makes the DT-V1900CG ideal for studios that are not yet digital end-to-end but anticipate being so in the future. The versatile monitor fits into a 9U super compact cabinet design for a rack-mountable configuration, perfect for mobile applications, post-production, facility quality control and monitoring use.

"This rack mountable 19-inch monitor is a great addition to the JVC family of HD DTV monitors which feature broadcast colorimetry and SDTV/HDTV up to 1080 psf compatibility for variety of applications," said Igor Shamay, product manager of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.

The DT-V1900CG will be available from authorized JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY dealers in March 2002.