MSRP: $3,850.00


Innovative Camera Ideal for High-Resolution Microscopy

Wayne, NJ (March 28, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today introduced the latest camera from its video imaging systems division, the KY-F1030U digital capture camera, engineered for medical or materials analysis microscopy and a wide range of other imaging applications. The KY-F1030U is a derivative of the KY-F70BU, being offered at a lower cost with improved functionality and a single cable solution.

With a preview window size of 1360 x 1024 SXGA at full range, critical focus is made easier. The camera displays images created by a 1.45 million pixel ½-inch interline transfer CCD with progressive scanning. Equipped with dual output, IEEE 1394 and RGB Analog, and 4:3 aspect ratio, the KY-F1030U is versatile and easy-to-use. In addition, the camera can be used in a single IEEE 1394 cable configuration, increasing the ease of use.

The KY-F1030U is outfitted with innovative features including live, 7.5 frames per second preview window and proprietary image acquisition software, "KY-LINK." The software provides easy installation on a PC for true one monitor solution when using the optional PFW-41 IEEE 1394 interface. The KY-LINK software, provided with the PFW-41 IEEE 1394 board, offers a variety of image enhancement, processing and camera calibration tools.

The digital imaging camera is being brought to market to serve the need for critical image capturing. Similar to JVC's current imaging camera, the KY-F70BU, the updated KY-1030U features a single ½ inch IT CCD image sensor compared to the 3-CCD sensor in the KY-F70BU, IEEE capability and is being offered at a significantly lower price. However, the KY-F70BU still has several benefits for ophthalmic use, especially for fundas camera solutions, including color accuracy and IR shooting. Color accuracy, 3-CCD vs. 1-CCD, is very important for medical diagnostics. To capture images of tiny blood vessels within the eye, 3-CCD color depth is preferred to make these objects clearly visible. The KY-F70BU can work as a color or black and white IR camera, both with SXGA resolution. KY-F1030U offers different features for the same range of customer, especially to be used with a slit lamp microscope for eye surface shooting.

The KY-F1030U is ideal for pathology applications for images captured in microscopes, including medical microscopy and analysis as well as other applications.

"The cost performance ratio for SXGA image capture has been advanced significantly with the introduction of the KY-F1030U. As we continue to make improvements to our products, we look for increased performance and new solutions for our customers," said Assistant Vice President, Special Markets Steve Martin, of JVC.

In addition to the camera, JVC has additional items that apply to the KY-F1030U: AA-P700 AC power adapter, D16x7.3A-D29 16x motorized zoom lens and PFW-41U IEEE 1394 Interface board complete with KY-LINK software CD-ROM.

The KY-F1030U will be available for in March 2002, at $3600.

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