WAYNE, NJ (November 27, 2002) – Evolving the renowned GY-DV500 Professional DV camcorder, JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today introduced the GY-DV5000U Professional DV Camcorder, a shoulder-mounted camera with highlight handling, future-proofed modular architecture, low-light sensitivity and revolutionary features to ease the workload of today’s video professionals. The GY-DV5000U is one of three new full-size and MiniDV cassette compatible Professional DV products.

Using three ½-inch CCDs with micro-lenses and spatial offset, the GY-DV5000U offers high-end picture quality with more than 800 lines of horizontal resolution and refined user controls at a fraction of the price of traditional broadcast or studio cameras. The camera quality is made possible by 12-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion and 24-bit digital signal processing (DSP).

JVC's 12-bit A/D conversion provides more dynamic range between bright and dark scenes. As a result, the camera can process 400 percent of the normal video signal and provide color and details normally lost on cameras in this price range. The GY-DV5000U leads the industry in low light performance with a sensitivity of F:13 at 2000 lux. The camera will produce 100 percent video at 0.4 lux.

Based on extensive input from its camera users, JVC redesigned the Professional DV tape transport to accommodate both full-size and MiniDV cassettes. The GY-DV5000U will record up to 276 minutes using JVC's new DV-276PQ cassettes, compared to 63 minutes offered by the previous model.

The 24-bit DSP allows for improved skin tone detection. Users are given the ability to stretch the dark portion of the image bringing out more warmth and detail in flesh tones, or compress blacks to make an image with more contrast. Users can control the color matrix (four settings) and gamma (20 steps) to customize the look of their individual camera. The GY-DV5000U can be made to look like another camera, or even like film using the settings. JVC also developed a tri-mode display giving the user the choice of video, data or superimposed data.

Modular Components
The GY-DV5000U is a camcorder that changes with the latest digital video technology. Using small, modular components that attach to a digital port between the camcorder and the battery pack, the GY-DV5000U uses the optional KA-DV5000 module for MPEG-4 recording and clip logging.

Web and Memory-Card Recording
Following in the footsteps of the GY-DV300U Streamcorder, the GY-DV5000U encodes MPEG-4 files in real-time using the KA-DV5000U MPEG-4 pack. The KA-DV5000U uses multiple servers for Web streaming, controlling the camera via a Web site stored in the adapter, and viewing and capturing a video stream remotely. The KA-DV5000U connects to a PC via a wired/wireless LAN, and streams video in real-time, making it ideal for Webcasts, live news broadcasts and special events. There is no intermediate software necessary to stream, using a direct connection from Windows Media Player.

Solid-state compact flash memory cards record the MPEG-4 video and audio files simultaneously with DV tape recording. Video and audio clips can also be stored on memory cards from tape playback within the camcorder. The MPEG-4 clips can then be viewed on a personal computer or PDA. MPEG-4 clips can be rearranged into a mini-edit decision list, marked as good, or deleted, and files can be inserted into a presentation, or e-mailed to a client without further hardware or special software. To ease the tape-logging process, JVC added a new function, autolog, which automatically stores the start and end time code locations of each recorded scene in a standard file format. These time codes match the video on the MPEG-4 clip as well as the master video recorded on the DV videotape.

Education, government, corporate, and wedding and event industries will all find great use in the new GY-DV5000U. The GY-DV5000U is also ideal for filmmakers, broadcasters and independent production companies.

The GY-DV5000U and the KA-DV5000 network pack are presently shipping.

About JVC
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes and manufactures a complete line of presentation, broadcast and CCTV professional equipment. For additional information about the GY-DV5000U, please contact Dave Walton at (973) 317-5135, or Deirdre Breakenridge of PFS Marketwyse at 973-812-8883, or visit JVC's Web site at