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The BR-DV6000 and companion SA-DV6000 network card provide stellar editing functionality and MPEG-4 encoding

WAYNE, NJ (February 5, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is introducing the BR-DV6000, a new Professional DV editing recorder and its companion MPEG 4 network card, the SA-DV6000.  This compact unit is compatible with full size DV tapes for long-time recording or miniDV tapes.  In addition, it boasts a powerful feature set and open architecture with a wide range of interfaces, making the BR-DV6000 the right choice for professional studio needs.

Meeting the Tough Demands of Professional Editing Studios
As anyone who?s spent time in an editing suite can attest, flexibility is key, especially when dealing with fickle clients.  Nothing eats up editing time?and money?faster than the need for seemingly minor changes, such as an insert edit, once you?re nearly finished with a project.

Designed specifically to function within a non-linear editing system, the BR-DV6000 is an ideal spooler and flexible, easy-to-use frame-accurate editing machine with a variety of interfaces RS-422, RS-232, JVC Bus and IEEE1394. Best of all, it provides powerful capabilities such as FWD and REV variable tracking playback and insert/editing that allow for smooth editing of any part of any project.  Plus, the BR-DV6000 has the flexibility to perform assemble edits too!

The BR- DV6000 has a monitor right on the front panel with a tri-mode display that allows the user to selectively view video with TC, audio level meter, tape remain, mode and other useful data superimposed. It features PAL/ NTSC recording and playback, DVCAM playback ability and a wide range of options including a network board, making it the right choice for professional studio needs.

What?s more, the BR-DV6000 has optional XLR audio inputs for added flexibility.

In addition to a vast array of editing necessities, the BR-DV6000 can record and playback in NTSC/PAL, so it can work easily with tapes from around the world.

Optional Network Card Allows for Video over IP and Memory Card Recording
By adding the optional SA-DV6000 network card, a new era of connectivity is unleashed.  With the network card installed, the BR-DV6000U can create MPEG-4 files and store them on a plug-in PCMCIA Compact Flash memory card, or stream video over the Internet.  The card also contains a built-in FTP server and control software so that the recorder can be started and controlled remotely (via any web browser) and then the resulting files downloaded to the client. 

"The possibilities are endless," said Juan Martinez, JVC's product marketing manager.  "This is a tool that no production house should be without. For a minimal investment, professional video editors can quickly respond to a client's requests."


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