The GD-V501U a Powerful Addition to JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT
COMPANY’s Impressive Line of Plasma Display Monitors

ORLANDO, FL (June 2, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the availability of the 50-inch GD-V501U plasma display monitor. With a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees and bright high contrast pictures, the GD-V510U is designed to meet an extensive array of business, communications, entertainment, and public display applications including the creation of powerful multi-screen display systems.

Building on the Power of Plasma

The GD-V501U is far superior to conventional plasma display monitors with richer colors, deeper blacks, and brighter whites combined to offer superb video picture quality with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Gamma-correction circuitry optimizes luminance gradation within a scene, providing far better reproduction of low-light elements. New phosphors and a new front glass filter greatly improve the color purity of blues and reds to produce pure, rich natural coloration that exceeds CRT displays and approaches European (EBU)

standards for high-definition TV (HDTV). The black drive system significantly improves
black reproduction for deeper, richer black hues; while an advanced Automatic Brightness Intensifier (ABI) delivers a 70% increase in peak brightness for greater dynamic range and longer useful panel life.

“The GD-V501U provides outstanding clarity that surpasses conventional plasma displays resulting in an unprecedented viewer experience,” said Edgar Shane, product manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The GD-V501U is not simply a larger plasma monitor; it’s a better plasma monitor.”

Exceptional Clarity

With approximately 1,020,000 pixels (1,366 X 768), the GD-V501U delivers true high definition (HD) images from HDTV broadcasts and other HD image sources. It supports all major HDTV and EDTV standards and fully reproduces high-definition pictures from 720p HDTV signals as well. High-XGA resolution can display VGA, SVGA and XGA as well as down-converted SXGA and UXGA modes.

The plasma Contrast Automatic Tracking System (CATS) offers added crispness as it automatically senses the ambient light condition and adjusts the brightness and gradation accordingly. CATS provides the best possible picture contrast for each operating environment, which helps reduce power consumption and minimize phosphor aging.

For expanded flexibility, the GD-V501U offers a wider H&V frequency range of
H: 15.6-110kHz; fV 24-120 Hz. It also offers a broad video signal compatibility with 480i/p. 575i/p, 720p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, and 1080/24p/24sf.

The GD-V501U simplifies multi-screen scenarios, for example, an airport’s bank of departure and arrival screens. Since each screen in a multi-screen system must have its

own ID, the GD-V501U allows ID numbers to be assigned easily using the supplied remote control. Adding the optional RGB Active-Through Terminal Board eliminated
the need for additional RGB signal distributors the typical multi-screen system requires.

Easy Set Up and Control

The GD-V501U simplifies basic set up and control with a preset On/Off timer and volume controls. With the power on, Initial Input and Fixed Input controls ensure the proper input source setting and can lock the system so the input source cannot be inadvertently switched. An On-Screen Display control can cancel the on-screen display when switching input sources or when there is no input signal. With the Remote Control User Level Set users can allow or restrict remote control operations, preventing accidental system settings changes.

At only 3.9’ thick with a thin bezel, the GD-V501U is very compact. Optional hardware makes it easy to mount the unit to the wall, suspend it from the ceiling or place it on any flat surface in a room; adaptable to the layout and confines of the room. Optional detachable stereo speakers help maximize the acoustics and logistics of the room, letting the user accommodate situations where more projection is necessary.

Similar to other JVC advanced plasma display monitors, the GD-V501U offers immunity to electromagnetic field and performs confidently under strong ambient or artificial light.


JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about this, or any other JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY product, please contact JVC at (800) 582-5825, or Beth Marotta of PFS Marketwyse at 973-812-8883, or visit the JVC Web site at



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