JVC's New Sleek Camera Provides 535 TV Lines of Resolution for
Clearer, Sharper Images

NEW ORLEANS, LA (September 15, 2003) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the launch of the TK-C920U high-resolution, color surveillance camera. This sleek camera features 535 TV lines of resolution (typical) with 380,000 active pixels, an innovative digital signaling processor (DSP) and Super LoLux functions for high-quality images and superb performance even in near-dark or bright ambient light conditions.

The TK-C920U camera's high-sensitivity 1/3" Interline Transfer (IT) CCD delivers clear pictures over 535 TVL horizontal resolution for visual coverage of locations where accurate color reproduction and high image quality is a must especially in today's digital video recorder (DVR) world. The IT CCD features an Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) that controls the start/stop of light measurement for an increase in device speed and faster frame rates, resulting in rapid image transfer without image lag or geometric distortion. The newly designed JVC DSP with extended dynamic range constantly updates the key image parameters and automatically adjusts the camera's parameters to ensure sharp and natural pictures.

"The JVC TK-C920U surveillance camera offers a superior level of resolution for locations and situations where clear, high-quality images are imperative," said Scott Watson, vice president Video Imaging Systems Division of JVC PRFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. "No other security camera delivers 535 TV lines while ensuring clear, detailed images in low-light and bright-light environments."

The TK-C920U provides enhanced lighting functions that ensure quality image capture even under the most demanding conditions and in the most difficult locations. Using an F1.2 lens, the Super LoLux function enables the camera to capture reliable, high-performance images even at light conditions as low as 0.7 lux. Combined with a high signal-to-noise ratio of more than 50dB, the TK-C920U produces crisp images with a low level of smear and extremely accurate color reproduction.

The TK-C920U achieves optimal white balance through Automatic White Tracking with manual adjustment in a range of color temperatures from 2,300K to 10,000K. With the flick of a switch, Backlight Compensation improves a darkened image with the additional necessary lighting.

The TK-C920U will be generally available in December 2003. Suggested list price is US$250.00.

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