MSRP: $9,440.00


KY-320B Color video camera

Optical system:                         f/1.4 3-tube R/G/B prism
                                        system (with quartz
Focusing/deflection system:             Electrostatic focusing,
                                        electromagnetic deflec-
Pick-up tubes:                          2/3" Plumbicon* (S4803)
                                        x 3
Encoder:                                NTSC; IQ encoder.

Synchronizing system
    Internal:                           Built-in SSG
    External:                           VBS or BB
Lens mount:                             Bayonet
Sensitivity (typical):                  f/4.5 at 2000 lux, 89.9%
Minimum illumination (typical):         f/1.7, 38 lux (3.6 fc)
                                        (+18 dB ON, 89.9% reflec-
S/N (typical):                          NTSC; 57 dB (contour
                                        correction OFF, gamma 1,
                                        bandwidth 4.2 MHz, Matrix
                                        OFF, I/Q OFF).
Horizontal resolution:
   Zone 1:                              Within 0.1% (circle 80% of
                                        picture height)
   Zone 2:                              Within 0.2% (circle of
                                        picture width)
   Zone 3:                              Within 0.3% (area outside
                                        Zone 2)

Geometric distortion

   Zone 1:                              within 1%,
   Zone 2, 3:                           within 2%

Contour correction

   Horizontal:                          Dual-edges
   Vertical:                            2H, with comb filter
Color bar generator:                    NTSC; Split bar (100% white)/
                                        full field (75% white) switchable.

Optical filters:                        Closed, 3200 K, 5600 K,
                                        5600 K + 25% ND

Gain boost:                             0 dB, +9 dB, +18 dB

Variable blanking
  H:                                    NTSC; 10.6 us/10.8 us/10.9 us

  V:                                    NTSC; 18H/19H/20H switchable.

Input signals
    Return video signal (VBS):          1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms

    Genlock signal:                     VBS (1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms) or
                                        BB (0.45 Vp-p, 75 ohms)
    Microphone signal:                  -52 dBm, 600 ohms, balanced

Output signals
   Composite video signal (VBS):        1.0 Vp-p, x 2 (BNC/14-pin
   Test signals (VS or VBS):            R, G, b, -G, ENC
   Audio signal:                        -52 dBm, 600 ohms balance
   Audio monitor signal:                8 ohms, -20 dB
   VCR control signal:                  Contact or 4 V supply

Power supply:                           +12 V DC (10.5 to 17V)

Power consumption:                      1.45 A

Ambient temperature:                    -20 to +50 degrees C
                                        (-4 to +122 degrees F)

Weight:                                 4.1 kg (9 lbs)

Dimensions:                             115(W) x 271.5(H) x 299(D) mm
                                        (4-9/16" x 10-3/4" x 11-13/16")

Standard accessories:                    Tripod base, chest rest, mic
                                         holder, registration pattern,
                                         shoulder strap, extension
                                         board, board extractor, dust
                                         cover, backup battery, bias
                                         lamp, 2 fuses (3.15 A)

                         *Registered trademark of N.V. PHILIPS

VF-P915U 1.5" Viewfinder

CRT:                                     38 mm (1.5 inch) diagonal

Resolution:                              400 lines

Input signal:                            Luminance signal, 1.0
                                         Vp-p, high impedance

Provided circuits:                       Top tally lamp (with
                                         ON/OFF swith),  VCR/camera
                                         battery warning, REC/tally
                                         indicator, high-gain indicator,
                                         VCR tape run/tape end indicator,
                                         peaking ON/OFF switch

Diopter correction:                      Provided

Position adjustment:                     Provided (horizontal, vertical,

Power supply:                            +12 V DC

Power consumption:                       300 mA

Ambient temperature:                     -20 to +50 degrees C (-4 to
                                         +122 degrees F)

Weight:                                  860 g (1.9 lb)

Dimensions:                              176(W) x 65(H) x 180(D) mm
                                         (6-15/16" x 2-5/8" x 7-1/8")

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