MSRP: $10,900.00

The benefit that digital recording offers is enormous. Superior picture quality. Transparent multi-generation editing. Sophisticated special effects. Faster and more efficient editing. Which all sounds great, but what about your existing analog equipment? What about your library of S-VHS programs? How do they fit into the new digital environment? At JVC, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers make the transition to digital technology as easily and inexpensively as possible.

Our breakthrough dual format player not only meets all your professional needs, it's also designed to make the transition from analog to digital virtually painless. In addition to powerful features that include two-channel PCM digital audio, a built-in time code reader, and RS-422A interface, the BR-D51U player offers clean playback of your S-VHS tapes. It can even provide serial digital video and audio output of your S-VHS programs when using the optional plug-in serial digital interface. The high quality of the DIGITAL S format ensures virtually lossless multi-generation recordings. Therefore, when a BR-D51 U plays back S-VHS tapes in a digital editing system, the quality of the finished master will be indistinguishable from the original S-VHS footage.

The astounding picture quality of the DIGITAL S format allows the freedom to create complex multi-layering effects not possible before. However, adding S-VHS capability did not compromise its performance as a digital VTR. The BR-D51 U is a fully capable DIGITAL S player offering the some 4:2:2 performance of all DIGITAL S VTRS.

* Full featured 4:2:2 D-9 player * Full featured S-VHS player * Provides easy integration of S-VHS into D-9 system * RS-422A serial control interface * Provides serial digital output of S-VHS tapes (when using SA-D50U) * Built-in time code reader, TBC, DNR for S-VHS

4:2:2 component digital processing and mild 3.3: 1 compression for superior multi-generation picture quality.

DIGITAL S's outstanding picture quality is derived from 4:2:2, 8-bit component processing that assures the highest resolution and color detail even over multiple generations. Horizontal resolution for the system is 720 pixels or 540 TV lines. To maintain the best possible image quality in multi-generation editing and digital search, the compression ratio is set to a very mild 3.3 to 1 with DCT-based intraframe coding and a data recording rate of 50 Mbps. The combination of these specifications with wide-band component recording enables DIGITAL S to reproduce the finest colored details and subtlest contrasts of an image while minimizing artifacts.

High-quality 2-channel PCM audio

DIGITAL S's audio specifications are just as impressive as its picture quality. To ensure audio quality equal to today s exacting standards, the system lets you play back two high-quality 1 6-bit PCM audio channels with a sampling frequency of 48 kHz. And with the optional SA-D50U interface installed, you can output high quality serial digital audio via the AES/EBU port. Two linear cue-audio tracks mirror the digital audio channels for audio monitoring during search or tape cueing for frame accurate audio editing.

Robust 1/2-inch tape cassettes

Why trust your masters to anything less than robust 1/2-inch metal particle tape? The high recording capacity enabled by DIGITAL S cassettes allows the sustained data rates required for perceptually lossless editing. It also allows the large head footprint and lower record density required for trouble free operation over repeated passes. The modern cassette shell design includes a record enable/disable switch, and a clam shell cover that surrounds the tape when not in use, to avoid dust contamination. Tape lengths up to 104 minutes are available.

Powerful facilities for your editing source VTR

The advanced capabilities of JVC's DIGITAL S bring a new world of powerful editing features to your edit suite. Editing features include two auxiliary audio (cue) tracks and a built-in time code reader. A versatile range of search functions available via the jog/shuttle controls allow footage to be viewed in color at speeds of up to +32X. For DIGITAL S tape playback, continuous, noiseless slow- motion playback is also available within a range of +1/3.

SMPTE time code

In the D-9 mode, the BR-D51U reads the two digitally encoded independent SMPTE time code channels located in the sub-code area. This has the advantage that time code can be read accurately at any speed. In the SVHS mode, LTC and VITC time code can be read from the analog tape.

TBC adjustment

System phase, SC phase and video phase can be adjusted on the front panel while video level. chroma phase, chroma level and pedestal level can be adjusted remotely via the 1 5-pin D-SUB connector provided on the rear panel. In analog signal playback, Y/C timing can be controlled for more accurate signal reproduction.

S-VHS playback capability

The popularity of S-VHS as a professional format has resulted in the creation of a vast library of original S-VHS footage, The BR-D51U allows you to take advantage of existing S-VHS footage. It plays back all the signals recorded in the S-VHS tape. The video is output via the composite, Y/C and component connectors. All audio channels are output via four XLR connectors. LTC and VITC time codes are fully read also. And with the optional SA-D50U digital interface installed, you can output high quality serial digital video and audio via the SMPTE 259 and AES/EBU ports. Since the AES/EBU digital audio interface accommodates only two channels, a menu selects which audio pair (linear or Hi-Fi) is digitally output.

The high quality of the DIGITAL S format ensures virtually lossless multi-generation recordings. When a BR-D51 U plays back S-VHS tapes in a digital editing system, the quality of the finished master will be indistinguishable from the original S-VHS camera footage. This gives you the freedom to create complex multi-layering effects not possible before. Tape lengths up to 104 minutes are available.

Superior 4-channel analog sound

When it comes to analog playback, few systems can match the performance of the BR-D51 U. With two rotary FM audio heads dedicated exclusively to Hi-Fi playback, you get a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and a dynamic range of more than 85 dB. Two high- quality linear audio tracks with Dolby B provide clean playback.

On-screen menu system

To permit the incorporation of a full array of professional functions, DIGITAL S VCRs incorporate an on-screen menu system which stores data in the VCR's non-volatile memory. Data is output through the rear panel MONITOR OUT connector. This menu system allows you to set or switch most basic functions while referring to the counter or on- screen display. Mode selection and initialization are all possible via the menu display, and even functions normally requiring DIP switch resetting can be switched directly via the menu display. And, since the menu system is hierarchical, pressing one of the Direct Menu Access buttons allows you to go straight to the desired menu.

Self-diagnosis function via RS-232C interface

Thanks to the RS-232C interface, you can check the VTR's condition without interfering with the picture quality or operation. When the request command is sent via the RS232C interface, diagnostics are run to check for head clogging, error rate, etc.

System flexibility

The BR-D51U is designed for easy incorporation in any existing edit suite. Interfaces are provided for analog composite, Y/C, and component signals. For stable digital output from analog sources, you can install the optionally available SA-D50U serial digital interface (SMPTE259M). Since this allow the BR-D51 U to function as an A/D converter, you can connect it with any digital equipment.