Built on the award-winning D-ILA technology, the DLA-G11U has further improved the superb S-XGA performance of the DLA-G10 with a 350:1 contract ratio at a more affordable price that you would expect to pay for many XGA capable projectors.

Designed for use on screens from 3 to 35 feet wide, the DLA-G11U is ideal for applications boardrooms, conference rooms, universities and trade shows where a bright, clear image is required despite typical harsh room lighting conditions. Its superior video picture makes it the perfect choice for high-end home theater systems that let you put on a show your audience won't soon forget. And, with true S-XGA capability, you'll project eye-catching CAD drawings and workstation graphics that maintain complete fidelity to the original high resolution image.

Proprietary D-ILA Technology
The D-ILA device is based on a unique 0.9" reflective CMOS chip. This "Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier" is addressed digitally by the source signal. The light from the xenon lamp travels through a polarized beam splitter, reflects off the D-ILA device, passes through the projection lens and creates a high-quality image on the screen. The D-ILA's high pixel density and 93% aperture ratio provide outstanding light collection efficiency, resulting in both higher brightness and higher resolution than conventional LCD panels (whose transmissive design can block light and degrade the image with artifacts caused by the LCD's structure). In addition, the vertical alignment of the D-ILA's liquid crystal layer provides the projected image with vastly superior contrast ratios. This exciting new technology produces crisp, clear, brilliant screen images that sizzle with excitement.

Industry Leading Performance
The DLA-G10U features superior brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens and video resolution of 1000 TV lines...all on screens up to 20 feet wide. And you won't have to worry about projector obsolescence: unlike fixed matrix displays which limit resolution to 848x600 or 1024x768, the DLA-G11U boasts graphics resolution of 1365x1024 and full HDTV compatibility. By every performance measure - brightness, color, contrast, resolution and ease of use - the DLA-G11U is the best projection system for nearly every application.

Adaptive DPC Circuitry
Our innovative Adaptive Digital Pixel Conversion (DPC) technology assures optimal pixel conversion from a wide range of input signals, eliminating the annoying jagged edges found with other digital technologies. This allows the DLA-G11U to faithfully reproduce images at VGA (640x480), S-VGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768) resolutions, as well as S-XGA images projected without conversion at 1280x1024. With Adaptive DPC, your picture will always look smooth, clear and amazingly natural no matter what the resolution of the source signal.

Digital Gamma Correction
Newly developed 10-bit Digital Gamma Correction circuitry provides more accurate gray scale and color reproduction. That's critical for all your images, from subtle skin tones in home theater screenings to the complex coloration of workstation graphics.

User-Replaceable Xenon Arc Lamp
JVC's Xenon Arc Lamp, the same light source used in motion picture projectors, produces pure, white illumination to ensure color accuracy and saturation, and maintains a highly stable color temperature over the 1000 hour life of the lamp. Convenient features like the Lamp Life Warning Indicator and Automatic Lamp Sleep function provide both safety and added economy.

Variable Mounting Positions
Flexible mounting capabilities allow a wider range of applications. The DLA-G11U may be mounted on the ceiling or tabletop in either upright or inverted position, front or rear projection.

Quick and Easy Setup
The DLA-G11U projector's quick-start design lets you start operation within 2 minutes of switching on the power. Single lens construction eliminates the need for convergence adjustments, while the power zoom and power focus functions greatly reduce the need for projector alignment. And remote-control capability with comprehensive on-screen menus make the DLA-G11U one of the most user friendly projectors in its class.