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Now you can experience exciting D-ILA technology combined with legendary JVC brightness with the Model DLA-M4000U, the first super-bright industrial grade D-ILA projector for large venue applications. Neatly housed in a ruggedly designed package, it features the most powerful light engine in its class, producing a stunning 4000 lumens of brightness on screen up to 40 feet wide. The DLA-M4000U is the high bright projector that's ideal for even the most demanding multimedia applications.

Proprietary D-ILA™ Technology
The D-ILA device, JVC's own development, is a unique 0.9" diagonal reflective CMOS chip which is addressed digitally by the source signal. Packing 1.4 million pixels onto the chip with a tiny 13.5 micron pitch between pixels produces a very smooth, silky image. This high pixel density also results in a higher aperture ratio than any other matrix device, providing efficient light collection for higher bright-ness. In addition, the vertical alignment of the D-ILA's liquid crystal layer provides the projected image with superior contrast ratios.

Industry Leading Performance
The DLA-M4000U's newly developed 1600W Xenon arc lamp features a specially designed compound reflector, resulting in an impressive 4000 lumens of brightness. The DLA-M4000U also delivers a contrast ratio greater than 350:1, video resolution of 1000 TV lines and graphics resolution of 1365x1024. By every performance measure brightness, color, contrast, resolution and ease of use the DLA-M4000U is the best ultra-bright projection system for the most demanding large venue applications.

Multimedia Capability
The DLA-M4000U faithfully reproduces images at VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768) resolutions; SXGA images projected without conversion at 1280x1024; and signals from VCRs, DVDs and broadcast sources including digital television. With the highest graphics resolution of any matrix device at 1365x1024, and full HDTV compatibility, you'll never have to worry about projector obsolescence. And our innovative Adaptive Digital Pixel Conversion technology assures optimal pixel conversion from a wide range of input signals from 15kHz to 82kHz. This eliminates the annoying jagged edges found with other digital technologies and improves the legibility of small fonts and picture details. So no matter what the resolution of the source signal, your picture will always look smooth and clear.

Natural Color Reproduction
Improved 10-bit Digital Gamma Correction circuitry provides smoother, more accurate gray scale and color reproduction. And the use of a Xenon arc lamp provides illumination that closely matches the spectrum of natural light. Both are critical for all your images, from subtle skin tones in electronic cinema screenings to the complex coloration of workstation graphics.

Flexible Projection Settings
The DLA-M4000U offers a built-in lens shift capability, both horizontal (-50% to +50%) and vertical (-30% to +30%). With a choice of high performance, interchangeable lenses, including a 3:1-7:1 wide range zoom lens and a 1.5:1 fixed lens, it offers flexibility in positioning the projector for a variety of applications. In addition, the DLA-M4000U's chassis is mechanically designed for hassle-free projector stacking without the need for racks, allowing users to easily multiply light output in challenging applications like concerts or huge arenas.

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