MSRP: $735.00

JVC Introduces World's First Multimedia PC/Video Printer with Video Capture Capability

The GV-PT2 is a multimedia printer, featuring a built-in digital capture capability. This compact PC/video digital printer produces full-color (16.77 million colors) output using dye sublimation technology - widely acknowledged to be the best for photo-quality reproduction.

The GV-PT2 connects to a Windows computer* via a standard Centronics (parallel) bidirectional printer cable to enable printing from virtually any Windows application. However, a unique feature of this printer is its ability to capture images from a video source, such as a VCR or camcorder. These pictures can be transferred to the computer via the bidirectional parallel interface for processing (using off-the-shelf software) and/or storage.

Video printing - that is, printing still images directly from a VCR or camcorder, without the need for a computer - is also possible with the GV-PT2. This provides the user with a convenient way to produce color photos from video sources.

* Computer must be running Microsoft Windows 95 or 3. 1, and have bidirectional parallel support.

Printing from a computer

The GV-PT2 connects to a computer* via a conventional Centronics cable. Using the supplied Windows driver, high-quality color prints can be made from such popular applications as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.

Video capture capability

The GV-PT2 can also capture pictures from a VCR or camcorder and transfer them to the computer for photo-processing and database creation. The files are transferred in BMP format, but can easily be converted to other formats using off-the-shelf software. Since no extra hardware is required, this is a very convenient and inexpensive way for a video production house to provide clients with screen shots. These shots can be either printed out or e- mailed to the client, using appropriate communications software.

* Advanced JLIP control

The process of finding, capturing and printing video pictures is facilitated by JLIP (Joint Level Interface Protocol), designed by JVC to enable efficient bidirectional control of AV equipment as well as to provide computer connectivity. In addition, the GV-PT2 can be connected to such JLIP-ready video hardware as the CyberCam Series of digital camcorders--the popular GR-DV1 or the recently announced GR-DVM1D--and used in conjunction with special JLIP- based software to create an advanced multimedia system totally controlled from the computer. With the mouse, the user can control everything from camcorder playback to printer memory functions, enjoying such convenient features as Scene Playback, which facilitates finding and printing just the right picture. Also, after a video editing session, the edit-in points can all be printed automatically.

Printing from a video source

When connected to a VCR or camcorder, the GV-PT2 can store image data in its field/frame memory and print directly from that. Using either the printer's own control buttons or the remote control unit (supplied), the desired scene is selected. Prior to printing, the user can choose from a number of design elements to personalize any scene.

In the case of the GR-DV1 and GR-DVM1D camcorders, JVC's 10x Pinpoint Digital Zoom (with multidirectional shift) can be used to enlarge, center and crop an image prior to printing.

Dye sublimation technology

The GV-PT2 uses dye sublimation technology to create high-quality color prints with fine tonal gradations. Each dot is made up of a mixture of the 3 primary colors - yellow, magenta and cyan - in one of 16.77 million possible combinations. This rich palette is what enables full-color rendition. In contrast to inkjet printing, the even dot-distribution of the dye sublimation process results in the sort of continuous-tone printing required for photographs. The inks sheets are housed in a single cartridge that can be replaced in seconds.

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