MSRP: $5,253.00

JVC has finally broken the professional price barrier with the GY- X3U, a rugged high-performance S-VHS camcorder designed to serve in a wide range of field applications. Employing professional camera technology in new economical ways, the X3 brings down the cost of 3-CCD technology to within the practical grasp of event videographers, educators, corporate and government users.

Your choice of a video camera is the single most important factor in determining the final quality of the videos you shoot. JVC?s GY-X3U gives you the performance you?ve come to expect from a high end 3-CCD camera: higher resolution, better sensitivity, lower noise and more natural color reproduction?but without a hefty price tag. And, the X3 is packed with advanced features that make shooting a breeze, even in the most difficult situations.

High Image Quality

To achieve its outstanding image quality, the GY-X3U employs three 1/3? CCDs that provide a sensitivity of 2,000 lux at F8. You can shoot in as little as 4 lux and still have bright pictures with good resolution and strong, vivid colors.

Lightweight and Ergonomical

The GY-X3U was designed to be as comfortable as it is affordable. Lighter than most 3-CCD camcorders, it balances perfectly on your shoulder making it easy to get steady shots. All controls, including audio level adjustments, are right at your fingertips.

Full Auto Shooting

The X3 is equipped with many of the advanced automatic features found in more expensive cameras. Full Auto Shooting (FAS) adjusts instantly to changes in shooting conditions. As you follow your subject from bright outdoors to indoor lighting, FAS adjusts gain, iris, audio level and color balance automatically, letting you concentrate on getting the shot.

14:1 Servo Zoom Lens

The included 14:1 lens features a smooth, continuously variable speed zoom. The amount of pressure applied to the rocker determines the speed of the zoom. Both the motorized iris and zoom can be controlled manually if desired. Full-Size S-VHS Recorder with Time Code

The GY-X3U uses a full-size S-VHS head drum for more stable recordings on standard S-VHS tapes. The built-in advanced CTL Time Code generator has a new ?Scene Finder? function that records an identification code each time you start taping. This lets you easily advance to the next or previous scene with JVC?s Edit-Desk S-VHS Editing System. Time code also assures that your editing will be fast and accurate. Separate inputs are provided for the two Hi-Fi audio tracks. A camera mounted microphone is included.

Other features: * Built-in time/date generator * Large high resolution 1.5-inch viewfinder * Comprehensive status indications in viewfinder * Variable Scan for shooting CRTs * Quick release tripod adapter plate included

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