MSRP: $3,590.00

Extremely compact, extremely light

Computer aided design and manufacturing techniques have made possible drastic reductions in size and weight without reducing performance and features. Strength and protection are provided by an aluminum diecast body. Total weight of the camera including lens and 1" viewfinder is only 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs). Low power consumption

Power consumption is a low 15.0 watts when the 1" viewfinder is used. When a fully-charged DC-C11U battery pack is used, the camera will operate for approximately 60 minutes at normal temperatures (about 77 F). The camera may be powered from a range of 10.5 to 15 DC volts. The BY-110U has a quick warm-up time and is stabilized sufficiently for normal use about 40 seconds after switching the power on. (Perfect stabilization will require 10 minutes or more.) Excellent picture quality

Three newly designed 1/2" Saticon (SM) tubes assure accurate color reproduction and 600 lines of horizontal resolution. The BY-110U has a supurb signal to noise ratio of 54dB. The new 1/2" tubes (H9392) tubes were chosen because of their excellent reproduction quality and compact size. A fast f/1.4 glass prism assures supurb resolution and accurate color separation. Wide range of automatic functions

- Auto-shift registration (auto centering) provides automatic adjustment of vertical and horizontal alignment (shift) of blue and red channels. Adjustment is accomplished by simply flipping a switch on the front panel. The circuit is digital, and registration data is stored in the camera's memory (battery back-up provided). - Auto white balance circuit. White color balance can be adjusted automatically by flipping a switch, or the camera can be operated in the "preset" position (3200K). White balance data is stored in the camera's memory circuit. - Auto black balance circuit. Flipping a switch automatically closes the iris and adjusts pedestal balance of the individual channels. - Auto beam control circuit...reduces comet tails in most cases. - Auto black level circuit. The ABL circuit offers sharp black images even when shooting outdoors under bright conditions. - Auto (servo) iris circuit. The iris responds quickly to objects with varied contrast and slowly for those with little contrast for natural automatic iris operation. A weighting detection circuit controls the video signal level of the upper part of the screen to optimize the overall brightness when the sky is very bright, etc. To protect the pickup tubes, the iris closes automatically when the OPERATE switch os off, or when the color bar switch is on. Extended life back-up battery

To retain the memory of the digital auto circuits, a back-up battery is employed. This allows the camera to retain its white balance, black balance, and auto-shift settings even when the power is turned off. A new long-life battery is utilized for this function and has a rated life of approximately 4 years. Access to the battery is on the underneath side of the camera. Excellent operability

Good human engineering went into the placement of switches and other camera controls. Switches are "touch coded" and some are protected from accidental mis-operation. The auto centering and auto white/black controls are located on the front panel behind a small door. A diopter is provided in the 1" electronic viewfinder for people who wear eyeglasses. An optional adjustable chest rest is available which improves stability and comfort. The chest rest, model KA-111, is similar to the one provided with the KY-310U cameras. "Hot shoe" connection system

To eliminate problems with cables an connectors, the camera head and its portable accessories are designed to connect together without the use of cables. Direct connection is provided for: - 10:1 zoom lens - 1" electronic viewfinder - M-K50U microphone - DC-C11U NiCad battery pack. When in operation, the only exposed cable is the VCR cable. This feature not only solves the usual problems associated with cables, it greatly enhances the appearance of the camera, giving it a very "solid" look. Genlock circuit

The BY-110U has built-in genlock facilities for locking up to other cameras in multi-camera operations. Instead of the usual genlock connector on the camera, to save space the genlock input and external power inputs are provided through the AA-C11U AC adaptor. Connection between the camera and AC adaptor is provided by the VCR cable (VC-511Bu-2). The BY-110U will lock to any stable composite video signal or black burst (B.B.). Built-in color bars

The BY-110U has a built-in full field color bar generator. Color bars are useful for checking and making adjustments to color monitors and they provide a consistent reference for checking the performance of the videocassette recorder. Gain boost for low light

The BY-110U has a +6dB and +12dB gain booster for operation in low light conditions. Also provided, is a level-depend circuit which adjusts the starting point of enhancement, according to the light level. Together, these circuits enable maximum low light performance with a minimum of noise in the picture. The minimum illumination required is 65 lux (70% video level) with +12dB of gain. Even at this light level, the picture is quiet, with well defined images and natural colors. ACCESSORIES ------------ 10:1 Servo Zoom lens (Included in basic package)

This new JVC designed lens is one key to the successful performance of the BY-110U. This special f/1.4 10X servo zoom is attached via a special mount, which includes electronic connections. Lens cables and cable problems are eliminated. Since the cameras are shipped from the factory with the lenses attached, each camera is "tweaked" to its own lens, resulting in more accurate, consistent performance. Because of the special requirements in using 1/2" pickup tubes, it was not practical to utilize the standard bayonet mount found on other prism cameras, since the lenses would not be interchangeable anyway. However, for convenience the lens supplied with the BY-110U is detachable. The lens includes a macro function for extreme close-ups. The following lens accessories are offered for added flexibility: * Wide angle conversion lens adaptor * Tele Conversion lens adaptor 1" Viewfinder VF-110U (included in basic package)

The small VF-110U viewfinder provides a sharp black & white image of more than 350 TV lines. It attaches directly to the camera head without cables, and has an adjustable eyepiece. A diopter (adjustment for people who wear eyeglasses) is provided. Brightness and contrast controls are on the side of the viewfinder, accessible to the camera operator. A red LED tally lamp is visable on the front of the VF-110U. Two LEDs are provided inside the viewfinder to give the cameraperson status information. AC adaptor/charger AA-C11U, battery pack DC-C11U

The BY-110U uses a newly designed snap-on NiCad battery pack, the DC-C11U. This battery has a power output of 2.2 AH at 12 V DC, and will power the camera for approximately 60 minutes when fully charged. The battery has a built-in overcharge sensor to prevent thermal damage caused by overcharging, and can be completely recharged in about 90 minutes, using the AA-C11U adaptor/charger. In addition to charging the battery, the AA-C11U is designed to power the BY-110U. Connection is made to the camera via the 14p--10p VCR cable. In addition to providing power to the camera, the AA-C11U has an input for the genlock signal. The power requirement for the AA-C11U is 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Microphone M-K50U

This super-directional microphone snaps directly onto the camera. It uses an electret condenser pickup element, and receives its 9V power supply from the camera. It can also be used with camera models KY-210U, KY-310U, KY-900U, & KY-950U. STUDIO CONFIGURATION -------------------- The BY-110U can be converted into a studio camera by adding the following options: 1. RS-110U Remote Control Unit 2. VF-450U 4.5" Viewfinder 3. HZ-ZS11U Zoom Servo Control 4. HZ-FM11U Focus Manual Control 5. VC-515U RCU Cable (65') 6. VC-516U Extension RCU Cable (65') RS-110U Remote Control Unit

The RS-110U fits into a standard EIA rack and is specially designed for use in studio systems with two or more cameras. Color matching between cameras and other control functions are available. R, G, and B signals can be output except during adjustment of R/B gain and master black level. Control functions: 1. Power on/off 2. Auto/manual iris mode setting 3. Manual iris control 4. SC Phase control 5. Auto white balance 6. Auto black balance 7. Auto/Manual white balance mode setting 8. Auto-shift registration 9. R/B gain control 10. Color bar/camera signal switching 11. Master black level control 12. Sensitivity switching 13. Cable length compensation

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