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With the overwhelming success of consumer home video equipment, millions of Americans have been introduced to a communications medium that is economical, effective, and immediate. Many of those people have seen the applications of video in their business lives, and have implemented video equipment for use in training, communications, documentation, etc. The professional video dealer, in many instances, has had to offer consumer or consumer-type products to those business people who, for one reason or another, were not able to justify the purchase of the more sophisticated--and more expensive--professional video equipment. Furthermore, the consumer equipment has been improving drastically in performance and to the extent that there is now very little difference between some low end "industrial" products and the consumer models. JVC has recognized the need for a video camera, priced competitively with the higher grade consumer cameras, but with the features and benefits of the more expensive professional models. The GX-S700U was designed with this in mind. It offers features not found on any consumer cameras and performance which approaches that found only in three tube cameras. It also rounds out JVC's camera line-up, giving JVC coverage throughout the entire spectrum of the camera marketplace! Excellent picture quality

- A newly-developed 2/3" high-band Saticon tube is employed. Also, a new multiplex crystal filter is installed between the lens and the pick-up tube, which minimizes color beat interference, giving clear color pictures. - Horizontal resolution of 360 lines is achieved (excellent for a one-tube camera) with a signal to noise ratio of 48dB. Picture sharpness is further improved by the use of a 2H vertical enhancer circuit, normally found on more expensive three-tube cameras. A switch for the enhancement circuit (contour on-off) is conveniently located for the camera operator. - For operation in low lighting conditions, a +6dB/+12dB gain booster is provided. Even under extreme low light, the GX-S700U produces a clear picture with good color reproduction. - Lag and comet-tailing are kept to a minimum through the use of an ABC (Automatic beam control) circuit and LED bias lighting. 10:1 zoom lens

A 10:1 zoom lens is included on the camera. The motorized zoom speed is variable, dependent on the amount of pressure applied to the zoom rocker arm. The f/1.8 lens has a zoom range of 10.5mm to 105mm, making it ideal for telephoto operation. In addition, a macro feature is included, which permits extreme close-ups. Also built into the lens is an automatic iris function which can be switched for manual operation. An iris lock (AL) is included, which locks the iris at the current setting. This is useful when momentary lighting fluctuations or strong back lighting conditions occur. The lens has a built-in color temperature conversion filter to change from indoor (3200K) to outdoor (5100K) temperature settings. The GX-S700U is designed to accept a wide variety of C-mount lenses without modification. However, when using lenses other than the model supplied with the camera, several things must be kept in mind: - auto iris & zoom functions may not be compatible - daylight filter must be added for shooting outdoors. - certain lens-related viewfinder warning functions may not operate. - use a lens with a distance between flange and rear part of the lens of less than 7mm - lens weight should be less than 1.5 Kg (if C-mount is used) Genlock

Genlock is very simply a method of synchronizing or locking-up the camera's internal circuitry to an external video signal. Once a camera is "genlocked", its output can be switched or mixed with the other signal (or any other signal that is locked to the same source) without any distortion or break-up in the picture. This is of course provided that the synchronizing signal is from a stable source--like another camera, not a VCR. Without genlock, switching the signal to another signal would create terrible distortion at the transition, and mixing the signals (dissolves, special effects) would be impossible. To genlock the GX-S700U, simply plug-in a stable composite video signal to the genlock input on the camera. The camera will then be locked to the external source. To control the phase (color shift) of the camera, an adjustment is provided on the camera to match it with the external source. Built-in color bars

The GX-S700U has a built-in full field color bar generator. Color bars are useful for checking and making adjustments to color monitors and they provide a consistent reference for checking the performance of the videocassette recorder. When the color bars are activated, the lens iris is automatically closed, if it is in the AUTO mode. 1.5" electronic viewfinder with computerized warning system

A black & white 1.5" (diagonal) electronic viewfinder is provided with the GX-S700U. It utilizes an advanced warning/status system which displays, in alphanumeric characters, various indications on the screen. These include iris, pause, tape run, battery alarm, white balance, filter setting, gain switch, etc. This system makes the camera "user friendly" and nearly impossible to make an error. This feature is especially important for beginners, and those unknowledgeable about video camera operations. Built-in character generator with time/date function

A 12-key character generator with 8-hour memory backup time enables titles, dates, and lap time to be recorded over the scene being shot. This feature is especially beneficial when the camera is used for documentation. Fade-in, Fade-out

This feature, normally found on consumer type cameras, was included because it gives the user better scene transitions, when no post-production equipment is used. Fades can be to and from black, white, or color (R, G, or B). When used in conjunction with the built-in character generator, effective titles can be produced. Modular power system

One very distinctive--and very important--feature of the GX-S700U is its modular power system. As it is packaged, the camera can be powered from the VCR's battery using the standard VCR cable (provided). Power consumption is 9.2 watts (peak, at 12V DC). (Under normal operation, power consumption will be around 8.0 watts.) However,it is the practice of most professionals to power the camera from its own, separate battery. This provides longer operation time, and extends the life of the VCR battery. The GX-S700U can be used with either the NB-P3U (0.7 Ah) or the NB-P4U (1.4 Ah) NiCad battery packs which snap directly onto the rear of the camera. This is the same modular power system used with the HR-C3U compact VHS recorder. The optional charger for the system, the BB-P3U, can be powered from any AC power source in the world, and is designed to quick-charge either battery. The NB-P3U and NB-P4U batteries are optional and are not included in the basic camera package. For AC operation, the optional AC-P3U snap-on AC adaptor can be used, or if a separate adaptor is desired, the CA-P26U can be connected via the VCR cable. Stereo microphone included

Included with the GX-S700U is a plug-in stereo microphone. The single microphone has two pickup elements with slightly different directional characteristics (the same as you have two ears). The two audio signals are fed through the VCR cable to the individual left & right channels of a stereo portable VCR (like the JVC BR-6200U). If the VCR only has one audio channel, then the two channels may be mixed by flipping the "stereo-mono" switch to the MONO position.

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