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The M-4012 Image Capture Module is an accessory designed for use with the M-2000 Titling, Graphics, & Animation system. It allows a composite video source (such as a camera or VCR) to provide input to the Lumena graphics software.

Real time capture. Images are captured in real-time. This means that when a moving picture is the video input source, a frame can be "grabbed" and held in memory. It can be then stored to the disk, through a simple software utility which is provided with the module. The stored image is then loaded into the Lumena program as a picture file, and can be manipulated or modified just the same as an image that was drawn with the graphics tablet.

Colors. The Image Capture Module captures an image at a resolution of 320 X 200, at 12 bits per pixel (which is equivalent to 4096 colors per pixel). The utility software then "maps" the image to the best 16 colors available from the 512 color palette. The final stored image is comprised of 16 colors, giving the picture a "posterized" look for special effects. The color map is saved so that it can be accessed by the Lumena software.

Applications. The Image Capture Module is a very useful accessory for creating a variety of special effects. When the M-2000 is used in conjunction with an editing system, the images can be captured, manipulated with the Lumena and Animator software, then edited into the original material to create some dazzling effects. Logos and charts can also be captured, making it easier to input these to the paint program.

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