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The Mindset II Advanced Titling System with GLYPHS brings a unique capability to modestly priced character generators---the ability to load logos or pictures as an integrated part of a titling sequence. Graphic images such as logos, drawings, charts, or maps can be integrated with professional quality titles. The system comes complete with all the equipment and software necessary for the user to add high quality characters and titles to video productions, and to create and integrate high resolution graphics and characters with them.

Character Generator with Custom Graphics Capability. The M1500 is a powerful, high quality, video character generator which integrates high resolution graphic images with professional quality characters. With the Titler II software provided with the system, up to 40 "pages" of titles can be created, edited, and sequenced in any order. The user selects from a number of pre-programmed transitions such as cuts, fades, crawls, and rolls. Titler II also accepts high resolution graphics created by PC Paintbrush II which is included. GLYPHS such as logos, custom fonts, and pictures can be easily created and integrated with titles. GLYPHS may be crawled, rolled, cut, or faded, just like characters.

Great Image Quality. With a resolution of 640 x 400, all characters, logos, and graphics look smooth and professional. Adjustable shadows and 3-D effects further add to the appearance of both characters and graphics. All characters are proportionally spaced and automatically kerned which gives titles a truly professional look. Up to four colors may be displayed on the screen at any time (including background color), and all colors are selectable from a palette of 512 colors. Text Editing Convenience. Up to forty pages of titles with graphics can be created, edited, sequenced, and stored in any order. Each page can be automatically linked to the succeeding page. This facilitates the creation of automatic sequences like rolling credits or crawling several pages. Individual lines can be easily inserted or deleted after a sequence or page has been completed. Hundreds of pages of titles may be stored on a single diskette.

High Resolution Graphics Capability. The PC Paintbrush II software provided with the system is a higher resolution graphics creation program which is easy to use. It provides the video producer with a great deal of flexibility to create logos, charts, graphs, drawings, and custom characters. The user can select from hundreds of colors and use a wide variety of "electronic" pens and brushes. Colors, shapes, and images may be changed at will and portions of the image can be moved, duplicated, or rotated with ease. PC Paintbrush II also contains 15 font styles with 9 sizes in either light, medium, or bold. Variations include italics, underline, outline, kerning, and shadows.

GLYPH Software. This proprietary program included with the system takes any image, character, or logo created with PC Paintbrush II and enables it to look like a custom character to the Video Titler II. GLYPHS, or user-created graphics, can be integrated into titling sequences and can be manipulated using the same screen motion effects used with titles. These effects include scrolling, crawling, fading, and cutting. In addition, GLYPHS can be enhanced with outlines or adjustable drop shadows.

Genlock. The video production module provided with the system is designed to genlock to any incoming video signal---even a VCR. Titles, graphics, and animation sequences are then keyed over the signal, which can then be recorded on another VCR. No additional components are required for connection.

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