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LUMENA LIBRARY SOFTWARE LUMENA LIBRARY is an integrated graphics creation program which allows the video producer a great deal of flexibility when creating logos, charts, graphs, images, and drawings. Images are created by moving the "electronic pen" across the graphics tablet, as the user watches the video monitor. Lumena was designed so that users with virtually no artistic talent can easily create effective images on the screen. Yet despite its simplicity, Lumena is powerful enough to please even professional graphics artists. Lumena is "menu-driven" and very simple to use. On-screen help. One very important feature of Lumena is its on-screen help facility. Throughout the program, the user is given various menu options which lead to different functions, or to other menus. With a simple stroke of the "pen", the user can call up documentation as to how specific functions work. It's like having the instruction manual always open to the correct page. Drawing with Lumena is much like drawing on a piece of paper. The user can select from hundreds of colors and use a wide variety of "pens and brushes." Unlike paper however, colors, shapes, and images may be changed at will. Portions of the image can be moved, duplicated, or rotated with ease. Characters can be easily integrated with pictures, and the resulting image animated. A variety of special effects are also included. With these effects, images can be revealed with wipes, blinds, and in random squares. Color cycling is also possible. The user can also draw directly over a video image utilizing this program. The video image is selected as one of the colors, usually the background, and the drawings will then appeared to be keyed over the video image. LUMENA LIBRARY also works with the VIDEO ANIMATOR program to create much more powerful and extended animation sequences. (VIDEO ANIMATOR is described in the next section). FEATURES OF LUMENA LIBRARY: Lumena Paint: * 16 on-screen colors from a palette of 512 * 8 brush sizes * 8 pen sizes * Custom brush creation capability * 8 airbrush sizes * 8 eraser sizes with the ability to erase a single color or the entire screen * Automatic line creation ability between two points, rubber banding, orthogonals. * Automatic rectangle, circle, and ellipse commands (variable sizes), either solid or outlined * Multiple fill commands * Color gradation within a selected area * Special brush commands to allow 4-way symmetry drawing and other effects * Easy saving and retrieving of images * Powerful move, copy, and duplication commands * Image zoom which can double or halve an image horizontally, vertically, or both * Perspective and rotation of the image or part of it * Adjustable grid and gravity lines * Variable scaling of the image in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions * Ability to create, save, and utilize multiple color palettes * Anti-aliasing of circles,lines, ellipses, and characters * Color mixing * Easy creation of a library of custom or commonly used images, such as logos Lumena Fonts and Layout * eleven different built-in character styles * Anti-aliasing of characters command * Variable drop or solid shadows in any direction * Adjustable italics * Adjustable sizes up to one-quarter of the screen * Outlining of characters * 16 on-screen character colors selected from 512 colors * Adjustable baseline * Adjustable line and character spacing * Easy positioning of characters * Ability to easily move characters or words after they have been placed * Custom font creation capability * Multiple layout options * Easy access to Lumena paint, animation, and video features * Easy integration of characters with images Lumena Animation * Multiple color cycle palette animation options ---8 speeds ---8 sizes of brushes, lines, and orthogonals ---Easy creation capability to show flow, or create billboard effects * Multiple real-time cell animation capabilities ---Easy cell creation capability ---Variable and user defined animation paths ---Preview modes ---8 speeds ---Reverse option * Special effects ---Spins ---Zooms ---In-betweening ---Multiple speeds and paths ---Automatic cell creation * Transitions ---8 speeds ---Wipes (both horizontal and vertical) ---Falls ---Blinds (both horizontal and vertical) ---Multiple spiral and expanding or shrinking square effects ---Cuts ---Easy positioning and preview * Editing Flexibility ---Scroll animation sequence list ---Delete or insert sequences ---Real-time playback of animation sequences ---Change the order of individual animation events ---Easy storage and loading capability ---Short-cut means to load in sequences off of disk ---Change the speed of the entire sequence or individual animation events Lumena Video * Individual colors can be selected as either transparent (i.e. allowing the video image to show through) or opaque (up to sixteen at one time) * Ability to paint with a transparent brush or have transparent characters with a solid outline * Mask effects * Toggle "genlock" on or off

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