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VIDEO ANIMATOR SOFTWARE Video Animator is a diskette-based software product for the Mindset II Advanced Professional Videographics System that provides the user with the ability to easily add smooth, intricate real-time animation of multiple objects to video productions. Video Animator works in conjunction with Lumena Library and significantly extends and optimizes its animation performance by organizing animation sequences and executing them much more powerfully. Long animation sequences can be created, may be run simultaneously, and are smooth and flicker-free using Video Animator. Video Animator runs exclusively on the Mindset II. APPLICATIONS: Video Animator can be used to enhance any video production, including productions for training, education and sales presentations. Specific applications include: * Animation * Transitions * Special Effects * Self-running Demos FEATURES: * Smooth, Flicker Free Animation - Frames are advanced every 1/30th of a second in real time. * Multiple Object Animation - Multiple animation sequences may be run simultaneously. * Longer Animation Sequences - Up to 37 separate Lumena Animation sequences (Events Lists) can be included in a single Video Animator Sequence. A maximum of 1036 Lumena Animation events can be played (versus 28 events without Video Animator). * Enhanced Flexibility - Additional picture and path/chain buffers enable the user to create more intricate and interesting animation sequences: - 10 full-size picture buffers (versus 3 without Video Animator) - 222 path/chain buffers (versus 6 without Video Animator) * Automatic Linking of Animation Segments * Selectable Keyboard Control to run individual animation segments or groups of animation sequences * Selectable Real-Time Clock Display * Selectable Frame Counter Display * Active "Start" and "Pause" Keys to begin animation sequences or freeze them. * Selectable Frame-by-Frame Mode * Single-Key Command to clear the screen of all graphics * Higher Level combination animation and path command to move objects on or off the screen. EASY-TO-USE * Menu Driven - functions are selected by pointing to them with Mindset Mouse or Graphics Tablet * Easy Creation and Editing of large animation sequences * On-Line Help Screens * Automatic Name Display of animation segments and sequences contained on selected disk drive or hard disk * Simple Save and Load Procedure * "Active" Keys when playing animation sequence (i.e., Start, Pause, Delete) * Automatic Name Display of animation segments being loaded into memory * Single Key Loading of Program * Automatic Functions to create and copy a data diskette ANIMATION MODES: * Interlaced or Non-interlaced * Transparent or opaque background colors * Standard or Slow Speed * Optional displayable time counter * Optional displayable frame counter * Continuous loop option * Simultaneous or sequential running of animation segments * Optional Keyboard Control while animation sequence is running