MSRP: $6,395.00

The KY-15CI is the perfect input device for any NTSC-type image capture board. Its three CCDs provide brilliant, high resolution images with a minimum of noise and distortion. It outputs a variety of signals including discrete Red, Green, and Blue. The camera is shipped complete with lens, RGB cable, and AC adapter.

High Resolution

The KY-15CI utilizes 3 CCD elements to produce a crisp, natural picture with a resolution of 668 x 485 pixels. Unlike most CCD cameras, the KY-15CI uses a "one line transfer" technique resulting in a 37% increase in vertical resolution. A high quality prism is used to separate the red, green, and blue primary colors, assurring the most natural color reproduction.


Using the KY-15CI is as simple as turning it on, pressing a single button, focusing, then grabbing your image. The single "auto setup" button takes care of adjustments quickly and accurately. An on- screen display confirming successful setup is sent through the camera's RGB output, eliminating the need for an electronic viewfinder.

10:1 Servo Zoom Lens

The KY-15CI comes equipped with the HZ-410U 10:1 zoom lens, with a focal length range of 7mm-70mm. Iris and zoom functions are motorized, but can be operated manually if desired. Its "macro" function allows focusing as close as 1.38" to the front of the lens, making it ideal for use on a copy stand.


The KY-15CI can output a variety of signals including RGB, Component, S-Video, and composite video. Included is a cable which provides the RGB signals through a TARGA-compatible D-sub 9 pin connector. For connection in a multi-camera system, a genlock input is also provided.

Other Features

A negative/positive reversal switch makes it possible to convert color negatives into positive images. Selectable optical filters allow you to choose between 3200K and 5600K light sources. The automatic white balance circuit has two memory positions. An electronic shutter permits stop action down to 1/500th of a second (per field).

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