MSRP: $4,495.00

Since the introduction of the popular KM-2000U Special Effects Generator in 1983, JVC has been widely recognized as a leader in high performance cost effective switchers. The new KM-1600U is JVC's latest entry into this demanding market. Developed exclusively for S-VHS systems, the KM-1600U has a variety of applications as an easy-to-use, economical switcher in both production and post production.

Unlike most other switchers, the KM-1600U's video inputs are separate Y (luminance) and C-358 (chrominance) components. By keeping the signals separate, this system affords far superior image quality than traditional composite-only SEGs. Using sturdy PROFESSIONAL S (7-pin bayonet) connectors, these inputs are compatible with signals from JVC's professional S-VHS VCRs, as well as a variety of JVC cameras and time base correctors. Four Y/C-358 inputs are provided, as well as BNC inputs for genlock, chroma key, DSK key, and DSK fill.


The KM-1600U incorporates an RGB chroma key generator. This makes it possible to take an RGB signal from a camera, and key that input over another input, such as that from a VCR. In addition, a built- in downstream keyer (DSK) makes it possible to connect a character generator. A variety of DSK functions are available which include the selection of keyhole polarity (negative/positive), and a masking function which allows the user prevent keying in a portion of the image defined with the wipe pattern generator. RGB inputs (BNC x3) are provided for the downstream keyer to facilitate connection of a character generator.


All DSK and main effects, including mix and wipe, can be operated automatically. The transition timing is adjustable from 0-20 seconds. An "AUTO" button performs the transition. After the effect takes place, a "flip-flop" function is activated which reverses the program and preset busses. This is very useful in A-B roll editing, which normally alternates between A and B source machines. To further automate things, a GPI terminal (dry contact) makes it possible to connect the KM-1600U to an editing controller, to trigger the automatic transition.


Full field color bars can be generated with the KM-1600U, along with any desired color, to be used as a background or downstream key. It is possible to switch between the background color and the color bars signal. Setup and adjustment of the KM-1600U are facilitated by subcarrier and phase controls located on the front panel under a protective cover.


The KM-1600U has nine wipe patterns, 3 of which can be positioned using the joystick. A softness control adjusts the edges of the wipes for more pleasing effects. The direction of any wipe can be switched between normal and reverse.


Dual Y/C 358 program outputs are provided, using 7-pin (PROFESSIONAL S) connectors. A composite video program output is also provided. Both Y/C 358 and composite outputs are available for PREVIEW monitoring. Synchronization outputs include two black burst, one horizontal drive, one vertical drive, and one SYNC. Genlocking the KM-1600U is possible using the loop through BNC connectors provided.

For use in multi-camera systems, the KM-1600U has TALLY output signals--either +5 volts or dry contact.